You, Me and Infatuation

We've known each other,

For quite a while,

Your laughter reverberating,

Behind my smile.

Oh that beautiful halo,

Above that fair skinned face.

The reason for much sorrow,

From such a coldhearted place.

In your arms I felt pretty,

With your gaze I felt warm.

But unbeknownst to me,

It was merely your charm.

I fell for it,

Every scent, every gaze.

Every touch was like heaven,

Setting my heart ablaze.

In my eyes,

You could do no wrong,

Or if you did,

My love just grew strong.

I was pathetic, pitiful,

A girl in love,

Oh too strong a word was that,

But still, I went on.

I tread on delicate ground,

Screaming for your love,

Just one touch, one word,

And that would have been enough.

I was a pathetic girl,


On that tight rope of infatuation.

Waiting by the silent telephone,

To receive the call that never came.

And you,

With your frivolous acts of seduction,

Leaving me in disarray.

Using your charm on every girl,

For you knew… love would never stray.