Stronger Than Friendship

Anyone who hangs out with me knows that I spend the majority of my time at my friend Nana-Ama and Michaela's house. Their mom is a very nice lady named Joanna and she's from Greece. Their dad was from Ghana I think. He was really tall and very dark-skinned. Like almost coffee black. Joanna is extremely short and very light-skinned. She has a Greek accent and is very busty. She cooks a lot of food and is always trying to get you to eat when you go over but she hardly eats herself.

My dad and stepmom are very close friends with Joanna which is convenient. My stepmom calls Joanna her sister. This makes me and Nana-Ama and Michaela cousins, which doesn't seem to do our relationship justice. It really is more like sisters.

When I was younger we were still at the point where whenever I came over they'd get out the mattress from the garage and we'd have blankets and watch movies all night and go out and do fun things because I was a "guest".

I am very happy to say I am no longer a guest.

I am family now. Practically Greek myself. I know all the foods they cook like baklava and spanikopita. I can tell them to hurry up and get in the car and I can tell them to get me a piece of cake. I wake up on Saturdays at their house and help them brush off the trampoline and vacuum the living room and wash off the table and other household chores. At night sometimes we go shopping and I always sit in the dressing room while they try on clothes and give the exact opposite opinion that Joanna has.

Sometimes they have parties at their house and I always help them prepare by setting the table and getting the cake out of the oven. I help Nana-Ama and Michaela decide what to wear. I sometimes chase the puppies if they get outside and run away. They have a field outside their house and it is always very difficult to catch them.

For some reason our humor wavelength is the same as well. We always find the same things funny and often start to say the same thing at the same time. It's odd when someone else asks us about what was so funny and then when we tell them they think we're ridiculous. And we laugh harder.

Maybe one of the funniest things is how extremely pale I look next to Nana-Ama. She has Fred's skin color and Joanna's height. Michaela has Joanna's coloring and Fred's height.

And now I am going swimming with them.