The Bloody Masquerade

Where every dance, can be your last...

A flash of red, swirling like a tornado, a tornado of fire…

To dance was to live; to sing and prance to the music of Life, was to twirl and swirl around masks of unknown strangers… To dance, to sing, to sway… To give yourself up to the never ending, haunting tune from the instruments that play the song of Fate and Destiny, to sip wine with elusive partners Luck and Chance…

To dance with strangers with eyes that glitter beneath their masks, and maybe, just maybe, you will chance upon one that Fate had went all the way out to pick, wrap and handed to you upon a silver platter… or perhaps it was Destiny…

And so, they dance, dance until the dawn is upon them, dance until midnight has struck, dance upon the cracked glass, dance upon a bed of roses, dance until the moon has risen, dance until the sun burnt out. Dance the night away, dance, dance until the new day is upon them, dance, for they dance the dance of love, and no one shall separate them, for the dance, can never stop.

But halt!

Silence befell the arena. Stifling silence like no other, a silence so thick, a single pin could penetrate it as easily as pricking a balloon. Yet they dance, unaware, unconcerned. They were dancing in a universe of their own, they were dancing the dance only two were allowed, and three, well, three was a crowd, a despicable crowd.

They dance, but with each step, with each complicated twirl, with each heave and sigh, eyes watched their every move, eyes that held the colour of the greenest sin, Envy. Eyes that held a spark that was neither kind nor gentle, but greedy. Eyes that hunger for the attention, yet receiving none. Eyes that missed the pair that watched it with misplaced desire.


A blast of music filled the arena. It was fast, quick paced, urgent. Stop the music! Stop the dancing! For the seven sins have arrived!

Pride be Lucifer, first of the fallen,
Humility learnt, upon the wheel broken.

Greed be Mammon, Bringer of the End,
Charity he learns, in boiling oil repent.

Envy be Leviathan, demon of the seas,
Kindness he finds, within water he freeze.

Wrath be Satan, evil shall thrive,
Patience be true, dismembered alive.

Lust be Asmodeus, enthral the senses,
Chastity not lost, within fire he smothers.

Gluttony be Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies,
Restraint thy self, eat rodents alive.

Sloth be Belphegor, Lord of the Opening,
Diligence awaken, among snakes be landing.

Hushed, is the arena, hushed as the onlookers looked, as the dancer halted and twittered away, as the last footsteps fell silent, as the great dark cloud rolled over them… and Lo, their simple minds penetrated, clouded, sinned…

Pride, pitted them against each other, and none will fall while the other stands, and tall is their stance, tall and proud, until love gave way to ego…

Greed, took their deepest desire and melded them into reality, urged them to take what is theirs, regardless the consequences, regardless the pain it caused…

Envy, tore them apart with a mere glance, with every slight misunderstanding, it took their hearts, and ripped it to shreds, and took their eyes, and painted them green…

Wrath, took advantage of all three, and enhanced their fear, and changed it to anger, and pushed them to the edge, and put swords in their hands, and commanded them to dance…

Lust, took their bloody forms, and cooed upon them, and healed them with a touch of pleasure, and covered their wounds with wild flings of heat and passion…

Gluttony, took advantage of their foggy minds, and filled their aching hearts with the delights of the physical world, filled them till they could eat no more, and filled again…

Sloth, lulled them to sleep, exhausted, peaceful, lulled them to sleep in the arms of pure silence, to sleep in the arms of the one who always watched, lulled them to sleep…

And never wake.

Yet the couple danced. As their companions fell, they danced. Danced the melody up, danced till the dust no longer gather upon them. Danced till the angry green eyes could no longer look, danced till they faded, dance till their forms no longer exist, but are mere shadows.

Yet they danced, danced till the silent figure who waited, and waited, waited no more. Danced till their ashes rose to the skies and flew across the seven seas. Danced, they did, danced their first, their next, and their final dance. They danced their Life, and so they shall dance their Death.

For they were meant to dance, and dance… For when they danced their Life to the fullest, Death is just another great ball… They danced their souls to existence, and so shall they dance till the end of time.

A different mask every time,

A delicate rose, whispering vine;

Treacherous lips, insincere eyes,

Twisting a web, beautiful lies.

Dance the waltz of silent melody,

Twirl the gown of endless memory;

Ageless dust, suffocating and still,

Darkened shadows, never ending chill.

Swirling colours, spicy tango,

Colourful masks, dance with the flow;

Gloomy clouds on the horizon,

Stormy mirrors, looking forlorn.

Life is a bloody masquerade,

Where light is night, and dark is day;

Death lurks behind every mask,

Endless dance, till you breathe your last.

And so, they dance.