She arches her back beneath the weight of the universe,
Green-toned fingers grasping at black velvet sky,
And moans the soft rumble of earthquakes
And tidal waves rippling through supple skin.
Black eyes stare down at her from under furrowed brows
Of ice-tailed comets, their depths reflecting liquid starlight
That dapples every inch of jet-black skin.

His speckled hands trace the outline
Of high cheek bones, the rocky ridges
Supporting waving grasslands and fields of gold.
Dark fingertips circle almond eyes of glacial springs,
And brush back the white-touched waterfalls of melted silk
That frame the first and only face he sees.

The sky is falling, lips of swirling nebulas and spiral galaxies
Coming down to brush those of red earth and pouring rain,
Shadowed hands caressing fertile floodplains, white sand beaches,
Pulling snow-capped mountaintops and winking pulsars ever nearer.
Soft, emerald fingers clutch shoulders muscled with the contour lines
Of dying stars, and pull them closer, earth melting into heaven,
Flesh touching flesh, Mother Earth and Father Sky.