Carolina Moon

Hazy full Carolina moon,

Southern sweet and shining,

Just like me thinking of you.

You were my little adventure.

I could have been the best you ever had

And so be it.

You were nothing like Georgia on my mind;

You were like Jersey, glad to see the state line.

I enjoyed each kiss,

The feeling between my hips,

My eyes smiling.

The ever present taste left on my lips

Was as delectable as chocolate mousse pie.

Darling, you were better

Than any dessert left under a cake plate in a country store.

Because of you

I know now the way to feel,

The way love and lust must combine and combust

To make the perfect recipe for long lasting tumbles,

More twisted than laundry between the sheets.

Fine. Take your wine and drink it too.

I'm content with the wind and the humidity

Washing my hair instead of a shower with you.

Pleasure pining slicing grass cuts tearing up his hands

But they still stay under my skirt,

And my nimble fingers grasping for the buttons on his shirt,

Finding the meaning of life in my blue eyes

Underneath the hazy full Carolina moon;

That's how real love and life are supposed to feel.