You Kissed and Ran

It would be nice

If you weren't just a kiss and run.

Crashing into each other,

Forgetting our heads

Following our lips instead.

I always bet on a Queen and 3

But darling, you make a jack out of me.

Jesters may make others laugh;

I'm not a fool.

The Joker in cards means nothing.

I could have sworn you wanted me.

How? From the way you walked up

And slipped your hand around my waist,

Closing my eyes set me up for a surprise

Of the deep feelings you stirred from inside.

But that wasn't the first time we lost control.

There isn't anything innocent about a kiss on the cheek.

You were minding your own business

And me mine,

But when I seduced you with a promise

And you hated to wait in line.

I would have you as soon as I dropped off my fare.

But now you never call or whisper anymore.

I guess accidents do happen this far away from home.

Fender bender may move me to the side of the road,

But a full on head on leaves me reeling

From the breathless scary second feeling

Of not waking up to you.