Have you ever heard of one of those schools? You know the clich├ęd ones where there's that guy. The one who every girl wants and every guy wants to be. He is the player, the king. Well that is what my high school used to be like, until of course something happened. That something was me! Lets just say that I'm the girl who broke his heart.

My name is Alexis Summer's; if you went to my school you would know me as a legend. Hey I did take down the king in front of the entire school, which has never been done before. You know the old saying 'its not you its me' well lets just say that's close to what I said. I remember the whole thing; I even have it on tape. We stood there on the field right before the game was about to start, the whole school looking at us with eager eyes, like lions waiting for their prey. He stood there smiling at me like I was a prize of some sort, and then I said it.

"Paul I've been thinking, and well things just aren't going were I think they should be going. Your just not what I want, I'm sorry but it's not you its me!" silence had erupted the crowd noone dared to move, his face went pale. I knew that what I was doing was bad, but I also knew that it was for the good of girls everywhere. How many hearts had Paul broken? How many girls had he played? And know he knew how it felt; he no longer ruled the school. Paul Ritter the king of Stratton high school was taken down or assassinated, whatever you want to call it.

This was history in the making, the start of a new and improved era. So you could say that the girls at Stratton no longer had anything to worry about, there was noone left to fear. We were free, and I was appointed as their leader. The system was finally the way it should be, and nothing could ever change that.

Ok well I cannot take the credit for the whole mutiny against the king. As I did Have help, and those who helped are my best friends, Roxy, Bonnie and Sam. It's funny to think that we now controlled everything, we had the power. I mean its what every school kid dreams of, and now we had it. Although the school technically was all equal and noone dominated, noone had complete power, my friends and me were the rulers, we were the last say. We control everything from the shadows, as it should be.

This kind of power is what every seventeen year old girl dreams of having, but they never have the opportunity of getting. I really know that things will be better this way.

I know you are probably wondering what happened to Paul Ritter, well he is no longer at our school, after he was taken down he went to college. So really he didn't go through much humiliation, after all what could be more embarrassing then being taken down by a blonde who was considered as the nice girl.

Ok basicaly this is just a trial and I am going to wait to see feedback before I go on with writing it, so your reviews will be much obliged.