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Now I know that I might seem like someone who can handle most situations, and I may not seem like a very nice person, but really can I be to blame for that. No, I didn't want to do most the things I have done; I have had to do them. Which by the way is a completely different thing. I couldn't believe it, but the reason for this rant was the fact that my best friend had just said that I was sometimes harsh and bitter. Really to hell with her, I am not harsh or bitter, and any bad thing that I have ever done has been her fault. She looked at me, after I had given her the cold shoulder for the better part of an hour.

"Look Lex I'm sorry ok, but you have to face it. Sometimes you are" I just glared at her.

"If I have been harsh or bitter in any way it is only because of what you have made me," I said back, getting a shocked look from Roxy.

"Lex you know that that is not true and…." I cut her off.

"Rox you're my best friend, but don't you realise that the only reason I went though with the whole Paul thing was because you told me too" she then looked at me and the realisation came over her face.

"Lex your right, and I'm sorry. I never meant for you to do something like that. I guess it was just the situation" I smiled at her, there had been very few times in my life that I had been able to stay mad at Roxy. After all she was my best friend.

"It's ok Rox, I know that I shouldn't take you so seriously I know you didn't mean it."

She smiled at me and then gave me a big hug, being so glad that everything was sorted. I really liked Roxy and I didn't want to fight with her. Then Roxy lightened up and a big smile came over her face.

"So Lex I heard a rumour" I looked at her, she loves gossip, thrives on it, unlike me.

"What rumour?" I asked not really caring. She then smiled devilishly at me, which made me raise an eyebrow.

"Well" she said, "it seems that the cheerleaders have come to the conclusion that… drum roll. Seth got you pregnant and that's why you hate him." I burst out laughing, and had to sit down on the grass from the shear velocity of my laughter. Causing Roxy to look at me sceptically, almost the expression you would give a mental patient.

"What is so funny about that rumour, I mean I found it mildly amusing. But in no way was I in hysterics" I just took her arm and stood up.

"Well Rox it just seems I underestimated the imagination of the cheerleaders. Really who would've thought they could come up with something like that" that's when Roxy got why I was laughing and smiled.

"You really are a strange one Lex" I just nodded, how could I of denied that.

"Yeah I know, but seriously how ridiculous me with Seth. I would rather swallow acid" that's when Roxy looked at me and smiled.

"A bit dramatic don't you think Lex?" I shook my head frantically, my hair going in all kinds of directions.

"No not at all, I think its spot on" she laughed her head going back and her body shaking.

"Really sometimes you are just too much" she said while wiping away the tears that had come from her laughing fit. I smiled and nodded.

"Well that's me, you know I think I might be slightly mad" this caused her to give me another sceptical look.

"Just slightly, I think your way beyond slightly Lexy" she said flipping her hair over her shoulder. I punched her in the arm and glared.

"Hey now that's not very nice"

"Well I never said I was nice" she curtly replied while taking my arm in hers. We then waltzed down the street and on the way back to Roxy's house. We hadn't taken the car because it was so close.

I knew I could count on Roxy to always be there for me; after all she had been my best friend since like forever. Sure we had little fights here and there, but it was never serious. And we always forgave each other no matter how big the problem. This had been the way ever since she stole my favourite Barbie, I had cried and she gave it back. Then that was it we were friends again. It was kind of like an unwritten rule, that we always had to forgive each other. I smiled at my own thoughts; it was nice to think about this. Roxy then shoved me breaking me out of my little reminiscent moment.

"What" I said trying not to sound to annoyed, she just pointed. I looked to were she was pointing and rolled my eyes. It was Seth and he was out with one of his many new bimbo's, I groaned. Really could Seth get any more pathetic, and he wonders why I don't like him. Maybe because your obviously a man whore, could that be it Seth. I shook my head, wishing I could get the images out of my head. That's when I heard my name being drawled out.

"Alexis, how nice to see you" I mentally cringed at the way he said my name.

"What do you want Seth?" I asked putting as much venom in to my words as was humanly possible. He just put on one of his 'charming' smiles.

"Do I have to want something to talk to you?" I felt like I was going to be sick, and his date didn't look too happy either. Obviously she had heard the rumour, stupid bimbo's they'll believe anything.

"Well considering the fact that you make me sick at your very presence, I would say yeah. Because it couldn't be for the pleasantness of the conversation," he just laughed.

"You know Lex I didn't notice, but your funny as well as sexy" I was shocked to speechlessness, he used this opportunity to leave knowing he had had the last word. I almost screamed it was just like letting him win. And Seth Harris was not someone you just let win, because he was the kind of person to hold it against you. It showed weakness and that was not what we needed right now.

Roxy grabbed my arm and pulled me the rest of the way to her house, not letting go until we got there. She then ushered me up to her room, and slammed the door as soon as we where in there. She started pacing back and forth, but I was not quite sure why. I walked over to her and held her still.

"Ok Rox what is with all the pacing?" she looked at me with her worried expression.

"Don't you see Lex, he's getting more confident. You know what that means" I opened my mouth then closed, actually I had no idea what that meant at all.

"Ummm actually I don't," I said finally not sure what she was so worried about. She just rolled her eyes.

"It means that were going to have to play harder. We have to step it up a notch, go full on" I stared at her blankly; she sighed frustrated then grabbed on to my shoulders. And mind you her nails were long and it kind of hurt.

"We have to take him down" as soon as the words left her mouth I understood completely. And I also knew that it would have to be me, none of the other girls would ever phase him. Plus we knew he had it out for me, I was the only one.

"Great now I have to be a bigger bitch' I said plopping on to Roxy's bed.

"No you wont, because this time he's coming after you. Think of it as self defence" I smiled at her, it wasn't helping. But it was a good attempt at calming me down. Then she got up and grabbed the phone.

"What we need" she said "is a plan, and I have just the team to form one" I laughed I knew who she was calling, and we were playing the game again. This time to keep our position, to keep everything the way it should be.

That's how I found myself three hours later at Sam's house with Bonnie and Roxy. Sam was doing her analysis of the take down subject, which she loved to do. She was running through all the tactics he liked to use, and blah blah blah. You know the rest; she just really liked to talk with her important voice. We all waited patiently for her to finally stop speaking, which was a very hard thing to do with out falling asleep. But we had known Sam so long that we always somehow found a way.

"Ok" I said eventually "so what exactly is the plan" she looked at me blankly.

"I don't know, I only organised the debriefing," I laughed.

"So does anyone have any ideas" Bonnie put up her hand.

"We could recycle the last one, I mean I wouldn't mind if Seth fell in love with me" Sam just smacked Bonnie lightly on he head.

"One, Seth is different to Paul. And Two, it will be Lex going through with it not you" Bonnie just looked shocked.

"Why lex? I mean doesn't he hate her" Sam smiled at her and then started rapidly typing on her computer.

"Exactly" she finally said "he already has some interest in her, we just have to manipulate that and turn it into something else" I laughed and then soon Roxy joined in with me. Sam just glared at us both.

"And what would be so funny?" Roxy continued to laugh but eventually stopped.

"It's just we never knew you were so evil Sam, you should go for world domination or something" that's when she joined in with us laughing.

"Maybe I should," she said doing the evil laugh, which brought us all into hysterics.

We spent the rest of the night going over stupid ideas to get Sam to take over the world. Really they were the stupidest things we could come up with, and sometimes they just didn't make any sense. We ended up staying up nearly all night doing this, and only got to bed at about 5:00.

I slept for about two hours when my phone went off, I immediately groaned and grabbed it from the nightstand. I was ready to kill whoever had had the indecency to call me at such an hour. I answered it ready to let out my yelling beast inside, that I saved for occasions for things like this. But then I realised who it was, and was just left completely and utterly speechless.

"Hey gorgeous have a nice sleep?" I forgot all about my anger.

"Seth what in hell do you want?" I said not liking how my voice sounded, really all I was thinking about was how he got my number.

"Well I just wanted to hear how you sounded in the morning, so that I wouldn't be shocked"

"What the hell!" I yelled, was he completely of his head.

"Well I just really want to know because it's an experience"

"An experience" I replied in disbelief.

"So " he said changing the subject. I quickly got up and ran to the bathroom, closing the door. I didn't want to have the other girls know that I was talking to him.

"So what?" I said starting to get irritated. "You really should not be talking calling me. Oh and how did you get my number?"

"What can I say babe I have my ways. And well you know I was just wondering what your doing today" I sat down on the edge of the bath.

"Nothing with you" I replied dryly tapping my fingernails on the sink.

"Well we'll see about that now wont we," he said making my blood boil.

"You really are completely up yourself aren't you?" I said wishing I could ring his pathetic little neck.

"Why yes I am. But you know I am more than that I am also extremely self-assured. Would you like to know more about me?" I rolled my eyes.

"No" I said rather quickly, cursing myself afterwards.

"Well I was going to tell you about my many talents. But I am guessing your getting interested now"

"I'm hanging up if you say anything else like that," I said, but why wasn't I hanging up in the first place. I had no idea.

"Well I'll just come and see you" he said drawing it out.

"I'm not at home Seth"

"Ok well I'll just wait until you get there, in your room," I almost screamed.

"No you will not," I said but he had hung up. I had to act fast; I ran out of the bathroom and quickly grabbed my stuff running out the door. I didn't have time to tell the girls I was leaving, all I knew was that I did not want Seth in my room, by himself.

I ran all the way home as fast as I could; I had no time to stop. I even had to jump over a few fences and hedges. I almost fell over like fifty times, but I made it just as he was pulling up in his car. I ran down to his car, only just realising that I was still in my pyjamas.

"Hi Seth" I said slightly out of breath. He looked me up and down, and I realised also how small my pyjamas were.

"Wow and I thought you looked hot at school, I was wrong you look hotter like that" I rolled my eyes.

"You are the biggest sleaze ever you know that" he only stepped closer to me, but this time I didn't feel sick.

"Really, well you know you like it" I pushed him away, and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Can you not do this out the front of my house" he stepped back and laughed.

"Ok lets do this inside your house" he said with a smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes again, an action I seemed to be doing a lot of lately.

"Or you could just go home and leave me alone" then it hit me, the plan that Sam had come up with. If I could manipulate this situation it might just work, I could make everything go towards my advantage. I stepped closer to him, not in an obvious slutty way, but a more I didn't mean to do it way.

"Maybe you could come inside and we could talk, and maybe sort out our problem with each other," I then said making him slightly shocked. He smiled though eventually and motioned for me to show the way. I nodded and walked up to my front door, and opened it not surprised that it wasn't locked. I walked in and Seth walked in behind me, I walked up the stairs and wasn't surprised when he followed me. I walked up the stairs and in to my bedroom, sitting down on to my bed.

"So this is your room?" Seth asked while looking around at all my pictures and everything like that.

"Umm yeah it is, what else were you expecting?" I said while lying down on to stomach on my bed. Seth walked over and sat down next to me.

"So tell me about your little evil plot you had to take down Paul Ritter" I smiled, and pulled my hair back into a ponytail.

"Well he was a jerk, he was playing all these girls. It wasn't until he played my friend that we decided that we should take him down. It was time for him to learn a lesson." Seth smiled and laughed lightly.

"Wow so you girls just decided to take him down, just like that" I nodded.

"One person should never run an entire place, it will only cause problems." I replied sitting up slightly and noticing that Seth was looking at me.

"Hmmm, I guess I agree. You know you really interest me" I laughed and sat up straight.

"Really, and why would that be?" he shrugged.

"I guess because your not like most girls I know" I turned to him and before I knew he had kissed me. I wanted to pull away but I knew that for our plan to work I had go along with it. So I kissed him back.

Kissing Seth was a lot different then any other kiss I had ever had, he really knew what he was doing. And he was also completely confident at what he was doing; he just knew every little trick there was to know. Felt his hand move to my lower back and pull me closer, letting his mouth get better access to mine. I put my arms around my necks, and he layed me down on to the bed. I kept kissing him, but made sure that we kept it PG now was not the time for me to do something like that. Especially because I am still a virgin, that wouldn't be very smart.

It had also been a very long time since I had kissed a boy, and it was nice to feel some contact with the opposite sex. The plan was going to work I could feel it; if he thought I was into him he wouldn't know what was actually going on. He would not be able to take control; we were going to get him. But for now I could just enjoy the feel of Seth and his kiss. Kisses now destroy later.

I knew the girls were probably wondering where I was; I could just see their shocked faces when I told them I was kissing Seth. It would be absolutely priceless, I would love to frame that picture forever. It would make a good laugh, and I couldn't wait to let them no that the plan was now in progress. That we were now on role for a finest moment, and this time it would end the same as last time. We would be able to take control back, it was funny I promised myself that I would never do this again. So much for that promise, I don't think that will ever happen, because here I was al over again.

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