Thirteen years of waiting
so here we are, graduating.
Dressed in caps and gowns
we look quite like clowns
as we smile for the camera

Standing in a line
My, we're lookin' fine
(we've been doing this since kindergarten).
Oh how they stare
as we're made aware
of the future set before us

white bread and Kraft macaroni
hot dogs and turkey bologna,
peas in a can and ravioli in a pan
and a strange concoction,
lovingly known as Flan.
hamburger for every occasion.
(oh isn't the college diet
such a riot?!)

part-time jobs and late late nights
insurance and bills for lights.
"Paper or Plastic?"
"would You like fries with that?"
This is our graduating song

and it won't be too long
before we Truly see
what is right and what is left

What do we look forward to?
cramming for tests
and going awhile without rests,
visiting mom and dad
or not visiting, and wishing that you had

but all in all, we'll be okay
as we're set on our way,
And we won't be kids anymore
And we'll soon see what a BORE
it is to be all grown up

And so, sing this graduation song
And it won't be long
before we truly see
what is left and what is right.

Thank you and have a good night!