My Saving Grace

I fall before You
My robes stained
Dark shades
Dark hues
And torn.
Tears roll down my cheeks
My eyes are red
I am broken
And unworthy of You.
You look down upon me
Your gaze full of compassion
And love
You reach for my hand
Pull me to my feet
And smile upon me.
Your palms come forth
I see the holes upon Your hands
Nail pierced hands
I look upon your face
Upon your brow
A crown of thorns
Piercing thorns.
You are bleeding
I see the pain in Your eyes
Yet they are filled with love
And compassion.
You stretch Your arms out in a gesture of embrace
I come forth
Tears streaking my face
Your blood engulfs me.
My robes are stained red
Washing away the sinful stains.
Grace falls down upon me
Your love the water
Your blood the soap
Sweet glorious soap.
I step back
The stains of sin are gone
My robes are white
I am clean
Your blood has made me new
Your blood
My Saving Grace