Me my name is Sam Virgin yeah I know don't ask because I didn't pick my last name. I have long dark brown hair that goes right bellow my shoulders. I have gray-blue eyes (my favorite part of my face). I am 16 and 5:2' I know that's short for my age but its true. I think of myself as slender and have nice curves.

Ok there's one thing you have to know one thing that I hate about myself. I'm popular why would I hate that you ask (ask being the key word) no one asked me if I wanted to be popular. My parents forced me they think that if I'm popular than it would make my life easier well its not. The one thing that it works against me for is the guy I like.

Andy Fresher he's a Goth you know wears black a lot chains and all that. He has dark brown hair just like me. Icy blue eyes (if you looked at them long enough you could melt in them). He's about 5:6' slender. I like him a lot and he won't even look at me. He thinks I'm some slut whore that only want sex but I don't in fact I'm a virgin I haven't even been kissed let alone had sex. I have good grades he should know I'm in five out of seven classes with him. But he still makes the comments like "hey slut why don't you study something useful?" or "why don't you stop fucking around long enough to work" it brakes my heart to hear him say that. Speaking of braking things my parents abuse me. What I didn't mention that well that's because I can't do anything about it. Well that's my story and hears the rest.