"Hey what up Sam" a familiar voice called. I opened my eyes and there standing over my was my brother Erick.

"Erick why are you here?" I asked see he moved out about a month ago. He knew what our parents were doing to me he had promised to let me move in with him once I turned eighteen which is in about two months.

"Mom and dad are at work I wanted to take you to school." He said as I sat up.

"Awww that's so sweet I didn't know you were so thoughtful." I said getting my things ready for a shower.

"Oh stop I just wanted you to get used to it after all you are going to be living with me soon."

"Oh yeah that's right hey make me breakfast while I'm in the shower please" I said in a pleading voice

"Fine what ever I hope you like bacon." He said with a smirk.

"Oh come on you know I don't eat meat."

"Ok fine sure whatever" he said and walked down stares. As I got in the shower I couldn't help but feel the bruise that my mother left on my hip the day before. It hurt but the warm water made it feel better. Walking down stairs I could smell a cheese and bell pepper omelet cooking.

"Thanks" I said sitting down on the bar stool.

"Don't mention it I have to get used to it anyway." We sat there eating it felt good and the food tasted good I was happy soon it would be like this every day no more bruises on more mom or dad telling me what to do. I would have to force being popular in fact why don't I start now.

"Hey Erick if I like tried to stop being popular now do you think mom and dad would find out?" I asked washing my plate.

"No I'm sure you could get away with that for two months. Why don't you like being popular it's not that bad?" he said doing the same.

"I don't know I just don't really like people looking up to me I mean I have to look and act perfect I don't like it. Oh come on I'll be late for school." I said running out to his car. It was the start for my sophomore year and I didn't want to be late even though I know what would happen. For the next two months there are going to be a lot of bruises and a lot of people calling me a poser.

"Hey stop at Trisha's please I have to ask her to do my hair." I asked Erick

"Ok what are you going to do you haven't talked to her in like forever." He said

"Don't worry just look at it this way I'm going to look so different that mom and dad will bruise me for the rest of my life living with them."

"ok I'll be right here" he said pulling into my old friends drive way. Trisha was the first person I met in junior high until my parents said I could hang with her. I slowly walked up to her door and knocked. I heard footsteps and then the door unlock.

"Well look who it is Miss Priss." She said

"Whatever Trisha you know it's not my fault. Ok look I'm moving in with my brother in two months and I want to go emo just to piss with my parents do you think you could help?" I asked as I made my way to her room. Her self she was emo and loved it she always wanted me to be like her well here I am now it took a long time but I did it.

"Ok fine I'll do it but that's means that you would have to hang with me and not those preps you usually hang with."

"Yeah I know just do it I don't want to be fake any more." I said sitting down in the toilet