"She went emo why doesn't she have anything better to do than make fun of our style." Said my friend Robby I call him red.

"I don't know she just showed up like that." I said grabbing me books.

"So why do you have detention?" he asked as we started walking again.

"I 'have' to get to know Sam teacher orders. God he can just shove everything he says down his throat" I said.

"Hey what's that up there?" Red said pointing to a crowd of people up the hallway.

"I don't know lets check it out." When we got there I could see the pushed up against a locker was Sam and the popular talking to her.

"How could you do this to me Sam I thought we were friends and now you, you look like the and Austen liked you he really liked you." Said Tina.

"You are my friend I just can't take this anymore this is who I am I cant hind it. I have looked and acted like you all for so long I don't like it and Austen I don't even like you so why would I go out with you." She yelled. More and more people showed up seeing what was happening. Just then Tina slapped Sam yes slapped her I couldn't believe it. They have been friends forever and now just because she change they hate her now. I would have got in her face but what did Sam have to do she went and punch Tina in the face. And Tina went down. Sam bent down and whispered something in Tina ear and then walked off. As people started to leave the area to gt to there next class I just stared after Sam. I have never seen anyone fight back the popular group like that she just punched her.

"Hello Andy man we have to get to class." Red said waving his hand in front of me.

"What oh right class?" I hadn't known I was staring at her.

"Hey what's up with you, you just stared at her you like her or something." Red said as Sam turned around the corner and I turned back to him.

"What! No I don't like her she's a slut." I said as I started walking into my class.

"She might not be all that bad you know she might actually be what she says she is." He said and left before I could answer him. All through chemistry I couldn't stop thinking about her. Maybe she had a good reason for dressing like that maybe she was emo at heart. Maybe I like her. What? What did I just say? Did I like her maybe that's why I make fun of her maybe I have always liked her I just didn't know it yet.


Great detention oh wait Sam will be there maybe I could talk to her ha she doesn't even like me so why would she talk to me.

As I walked to the library were the detention would be I was still thinking about her. Maybe that's why I didn't see her as I walked in the door.