He showed me hi room it looked like any other teenage boys room except there were black walls with blue stars on it. in the corner was a stereo an his bed could fit two.

"soooo" he said as he sat on his bed.

"im sorry" I said walking over to him.

"what!" he really surprised.

"im sorry for snapping at you. I know you were only tring to help-" that's as far as I got before his lips were on mine. I was surprised by this. For a moment I just stood there and then I kissed him back. He turned me around so my back faced the bed and then very slowly he backed me on to the bed still kissing me. I pushed my tongue to the edge of his lips wanting in and he let me.

"kids time for dinner get down here." His mom interrupted us and our lips parted.

"what was that for?" I asked out of breath and touching my lips.

"I don't know I just really been wanting to do that." He said as he helped me up from the bed.

"really wanted to do that to but I always thought I would be the one to start it." I said as we walked down stairs. He helped me to my seat and dished out the soup.

"this is really good Miss. Fisher" I said eating another spoon full.

"oh I didn't make it Andy did." She replied. I looked at him and he winked at me.

"well maybe I will just have to prove that in a better cook than him by inviting both of you for my famous rice dish." I said in between spoon fulls of soup.

"well that would be nice. Would you like some meat Sam?" his mother asked me.

"oh no thank you I don't eat meat." I said before putting my spoon in my bowl.

"oh Erick im not feeling very well pay I go back to the apartment?" I asked because I really didn't want to be there right now and after Andy kissed me the food was making me sick.

"sure ill be there later." He said looking at Andy's mom. I think something is going on between them but I don't know what.

"ill walk you." Andy said sensing they wanted some "alone time".

"ok." I said and started walking to the door. He opened it for me and when we were out side his apartment he spoke.

"I think there going out" he said.

"oh you think so too?" I said as we walked down the hall.

"yeah they will need a little more time than a few minutes." He said as we walked to me door.
"you can stay here if you want." I said with me hand on the door knob.

"you sure you aren't feeling to bad?" he said. I know he saw through my plan to get out of there before his mom said anything about being veg.

"yes now get in before any one sees you I don't want people to see us together!" I said in a sarcastic tone while pushing him in. I showed him to my "new" room.

"how long have you been living here?" he asked when he say the bags of clothes.

"just today it was sort of a hury thing." I said pushing then in my closet. When I turned around he was sitting on my bed. I sared at him for a while before sitting down next to him.

"why did you kiss me earlier?" I asked staring at him.

"I don't know after you changed and when you told me about not being able to change cuz of your parents it got me thinking. You life is worse than mine don't take this the wrong way I didn't pity you but I know what you were going through." He said "when we lived with my dad he wanted me to be everything that he never could be and I liked that you weren't afraid to change even though you know what would happen." He said. I just stared at him for what seemed like forever before him turned to look at me. We locked eye contact when the phone rang. I raced to the kitchen to answer it.

"hallo?" I said into the phone.

"Sam its Erick im going to stay to Janets will you let Andy stay though for tonight?" Erick said. This is going to be a long night.

"sure" I said rolling my eyes as Andy come into the kitchen.

"and don't do anything I wouldn't do ok." Witch he would doo everything if he could.

"ok I wont. Bye" I said a rung up.

"who was it?" Andy said leaning next to me.
" looks like your staying here tonight. Erick is staying at your house tonight and they want you to stay here.