I and Me

Sitting alone with your thoughts,

Thinking of life's paths,

Pondering the choices,

Contemplating the past.


Life suddenly seems so dreary

Every turning is torment

All of life's little fancies

Have disappeared from sight


Singing in the rain -

Laughing in the sunshine -

Memories so sweet -

Life could be but a dream


To dream u must asleep

For sleep peace must be

Loosing your emotions

To the realities that be


Screaming in the silence

Looking closely to the light

Devoured by constant darkness

Fear takes the helm tonight


Sitting alone with your thoughts

Your only company is u

Listening to your world

Nothing seems very new


Knowing where the road leads

Still not knowing where you'll go

Following your footsteps

Chasing shadows in the dawn


Some day there will be answers

When they come they won't be sought

For the answer is the question

And the question that can't be asked.


Sitting alone with my thoughts

I have trod the same old paths

Every journey is the same

Yet every journey is so new.