I Will Be There

She clutched to her windbreaker. She was overwhelmed with despair her whole body was trembling. The sky wailed pummeling the city with immense raindrops engulfing the sidewalks and streets. The city was nearly barren at this time; no one would come out with the weather so dreadful.

Still shaking Melina ran her shoes full of water; she was soaked from the bottom down. Coughing violently she passed through the city even with the lightning being the only reliable light source.

She was now on 79th street only a few blocks away from her home. The rain continued to pound her. She was so cold, she ran her fastest her legs were ablaze. The soles of her sneakers were worn. Her throat was also on fire. Her chest heaving she jaywalked taking the shortcut to Season Apartments.

Her face suddenly met with the half a foot of water. Emerging from the disgusting city streets, she coughed up the muck.

She continued to run seeing the familiar sun and moon sign near her building. Overwhelmed now with relief Melina ran to her apartment building. She went through the back, which was a faster way to her home. She sneezed; walking through the hallway of first floor, she reached the elevator. She was still shivering; the A/C was always on regardless of how cold it was.

Melina pushed the "up" bottom waiting for the elevator to come down. She was now rolling on the balls of her feet, trying to get herself warm. She sneezed again. She felt sick; every part of her body was aching and covered in goose bumps.

She was very irritated, she was now growling. She sneezed again.

"Bless you."

Melina turned to meet the face of a man, a teenager. He was taller than she was. His blue hair barely touched his shoulders. His hair tucked behind his ears making them pop-out. Along with the lip, piercing and ear piercing it made him stand out. He was also gorgeous, the All-American guy in the wrong clique. His blue eyes lit up happily seeing Melina.

She muttered a thank you before turning her attention back to the elevator. She hated him. She did not know why. She did not exist to him at all. She would stare at him from the back of cafeteria. She sat next to him in art, reading, and they had the same P.E class together. She despised him.

The punched the elevator up button so she could escape from him. He was so intoxicating her knees were about to buckle.

He spoke up breaking the silence, "The elevator's broken. You have to take the stairs."

She turned, her face creeping with a blush as she walked past him to the stairs. She ran up the three flights of stairs to apartment 4C. Melina was out of breathe and still aching she entered her apartment building.

She walked to her bathroom peeling off her wet clothes. She was still red from when Rodrigo spoke to her. She jumped in the shower letting the water engulf her. It was just the way she liked it. She grabbed her bottle of vanilla body wash. Lathering herself up she got her shampoo. After her thirty-five minute shower, she washed off. Grabbing her towel, she strolled into her room. She dried off, slipped on her shorts, camisole, then started her homework.

She could not focus because her mind wandered off to Rod. She probably looked and smelled like…

Melina cringed, she kept reading her novel, but she didn't comprehend a thing. Her stomach was tight, her head spinning.

She craved for Rodrigo.

"Can any one tell me why Casey killed herself at the end of the book?" Ms. Brook's stern face looked over the class.

Everyone stayed silent; no one actually read the book. No one was expecting her to go over the packet so soon.

"Anyone?" her nostrils flared. "Melina?"

Alert Melina stood up her eyes departed from Rod as everyone in the class turned to their star student.

"Um…." She was flabbergasted. What was wrong with her? For the past three weeks, she was not on her game. Alana and Mekelah snickered, along with Kali. Diana gave her an empathetic look. Her heart was about to pop.

"Casey killed herself," Ms. Brooks continued. "for Mason. Mason was her rock. Her enemy, her lover."

The teacher continued as Melina slumped in her seat. The lump in her throat was still there.

Class soon ended, Melina was the last one to leave she forgot to collect her possessions before the bell rang.

"Melina, what's going on with you?" Ms. Brooks sat in her desk rearranging papers.

"Um... nothing." Melina responded.

"You're an amazing student. I don't want you ruin you're academic career."

The lump was still in her throat, "Ok."

"Maybe you should see the counselor. She can help."

Melina nodded; offended she would think there was something wrong with her. She was perfectly fine. Marching through the halls, she met up with Diana and Kali.

"Hey Diana." Diana gave her a great hug. She put her at arms length. Diana looked her over. Diana gave her another hug.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing just tired."

Kali smiled at Melina comically. "Girl, you're a wreck. But you do look good. Who are you in love with?"

Diana gave Kali a look.

"Let's catch a movie at my house. We can watch Smallville," Diana suggested.

"I'm going to go. I'll miss my bus."