Why did he have to live near her? Melina asked herself repeatedly. He never once stepped foot on her bus. Then unexpectedly he comes on with his skateboard in one hand, with Valentina in the other.

She could not breathe; her heart was quickening her palms shaking.

Valentina flipped her hair, smiling at Rodrigo as he strolled through the isles finding an empty seat for the both of them.

She was simple put gorgeous. She envied Valentina. She shook Mel back into reality. To her any guy that can get a girl like Val would not want her, especially if he did not know her.

Valentina glanced at Mel's direction and whispered something into Rod's ear. He gave her a puzzled look and continued walking. Rodrigo and skankface passed Mel heading for the back.

Mel sunk in her seat then pulled out her book. She flipped angrily through the pages taking her frustration out on her paperback.

She usually sat with Jazzy, but she came down with the flu. The bus was still half-empty. In a few minutes, students would be rushing in attempting to find a seat.

Still flipping through her pages, she hadn't noticed someone sit next to her.

"I actually like Biology."

Melina was startled; she gawked at the boy next to her. He was tan, his eyes a warm brown framed by many light russet colored eyelashes. He was so alluring.

"Great, good for you." She turned, she didn't mean to come off as an asshole, but it was a bad day. She placed the book back in her bag. He was making her heart pound.

"Sorry." Melina spoke up. She wasn't looking at him; her eyes were fixated on the window.

"It's okay, people have bad days. Rodrigo tells me you're sweet."

Then she froze. Rodrigo? Her tummy tightened. She tried keeping down her excitement.

Calm down.

Slowly she turned. "How do you know Rodrigo?"

"Oh, I'm new. Rod pointed me out when I came here. He said you could probably help me out"

"You do look unfamiliar. My name is Melina." She felt it appropriate to stick out her hand. He shook it, smiling at her. "My name is Joshua. I live in your apartment building."

They let go, and they continued talking. She wanted to steer the conversation back to Rodrigo, but she wanted to seem at least a slit bit interested in him.

He started talking about life in New York. " It's not as bad as everyone says it is. The only place is Brooklyn. Are you from Miami?"

"Yea, I only lived there until I was six then I moved to Hollywood, then here."

The bus took off.

There were just starting to know each other. Mel loosened up talking up a storm. "Do you like it here Josh? I can I call you Josh?"

"Yea I do. I like it more since I met you." He smiled playfully showing all his pearly whites.

Her face darkened, she was blushing and Josh stated to laugh.

"I wasn't laughing at you. You just looked cute when you started to blush."

Before she could anything, her stop came up. "I have to go…so um see you tomorrow."

"We live in same apartment building remember?" he was smiling. He made her heart pound harder. She wasn't sure if she was having a panic attack again.

"Yea," she chuckled nervously as Josh got up leaving the bus isle. She followed suit.

They were off the bus, and they started walking. "You like rabbits Melina?" Josh asked out of now where.

"Um… I guess."

"I have two rabbits, Ma-"

" Yo, Joshua." Melina heard a skateboard behind them. She turned her head and saw Rodrigo. He caught up with them pushing his skateboard along Josh. "Hey Josh, Melina." He was staring intently at her, almost questioning Melina.

"Hey, Rodrigo" he greeted Rod one those manly slap on the hands.

Melina kept silent, she just kept thinking about how he was looking at her. She was thinking to hard, she hadn't heard Rod calling out her name.

"Huh? Yea?"

"Rodrigo wanted to know if you wanted to come to his party."

Melina looked puzzled. "What party?"

"Me and my friends won that skate competition a few days ago. We're celebrating. The party's at the clubhouse. 8."

"I'll have to ask my mom." She swallowed hard and felt tightness in her tummy.

They soon reached Season Apartment building number eight.

They all entered the lobby, and Melina said hi to the security officer Ted.

"If you're not busy can you show me around town?" Josh asked when they entered the elevator.

She was getting the feeling maybe he was asking her out. She wanted to say yes, but she still liked Rod.

"No need man. I can show you around. You don't have to bother her," Rod interrupted.

"It's okay. I'm not busy. I can show you around."

Josh smiled again, which made Melina legs feel like Jello.

Rod pressed number 2, 4, and 5.

Rod got off and mumbled good-bye, skating off to his apartment.

"What's his problem?" asked Melina.

He shrugged. "So I hope you have fun at the party, if you're going."

Melina sighed. "I don't think I want to. If you are not going, I could still want you show you around." Smiling the elevator opened to her floor. "We can leave at 8."

"Sure, I'll meet you in the lobby."