Black And Blue; Wish You The Best.

This has become far to wrong for church,
And hard to explain with the words you wrote on that small piece of paper.
I'll watch you for the time being but its stinging with every moment passed.
And the tears still swell on the inside despite your warnings.
"Don't ruin this for him" I'll whisper,
And pray to god that you never heard a word of it.
The boy dressed in wisdom, charm, and so much composure.
The girl about to throw herself at his feet, at his mercy just to keep him there,
Deathly afraid of what will happen after all this.
So lets hide from the present in the past,
Dance the ballroom of memories,
Look back on old smiles and happiness,
Your arm around me ready for your photo op,
But no cameras will point this way.
So lets just wait here.
Lets create a memory,
Because that all we'll have.
And you'll kiss me on the cheek as the faceless let off.
"I love you" has never felt so cold in my entire life...

By: Brittany Wilson