I went for a walk in the snow

My Father came too

The whole time we walked we talked

We were walking around Swan Lake

I paused on a bridge that crossed a small stream

Where the stream lead I could not see

But it created an island with a willow tree

It was life that I saw in a snow bound world

And as I watched He spoke to me

"Child your heart is a lump of snow

And I am the river below you.

That stream there is love

And the tree is comfort and safety."

The stream flowed on and some snow fell in

"See how it melts and becomes one with the stream?"

"I see Father, but what do you mean?

I don't understand my snowy heart."

"Child you have turned your heart to ice

By not letting go of your hurt,

Move on now, child, continue your walk."

So I left that place and everywhere

I walked lead to detours and dead ends,

I began retracing my steps and as I

Approached that bridge He spoke again

"Child, take up some snow and make a snowball."

So I stooped and created a ball

"Walk back to the bridge."

So once again I stood on the bridge

And watched as the stream flowed

Through the branches of the weeping willow

"That snowball is your heart

The stream below is me, won't you let it go?"

"Father, I do not know how to let go

For my heart isn't really made of snow."

"Drop it in the stream." He said to me

"Father, my heart I give to thee."

And still I held on to the snow

With more words to speak and thoughts to know

"Take my sin, take my hurt, teach me how to fly

I'm so tired of hurting I have no tears left to cry.

Lead me in your ways, Father, melt me in your stream

Take the "I" away from me and turn it into team."

I dropped the snow into the stream and watched it melt away

I asked my Dad to stay with me and guide me everyday

He told me then to read His word, He told me then to pray

But when I asked where to go "That I will not say."

"When will you reveal to me the desires of my heart?"

"In good time you shall know, for now you know in part.

Walk with me every day, imerse yourself in my flood

Remember you are clean, my love, I've washed you in my blood."