It was the first day of grade eleven. I had just broken up with Andrew Connors, who I had been going out with all summer long. Well, actually, he dumped me. He was the hottest guy ever, really. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, golden-tanned skin, and an amazing beach body. Anyway, as I was saying, it was my first year as a senior, and I was starting to miss the wonderful two months of happiness, freedom, and love.

I studied my schedule, which I had picked up a few minutes ago.

"So… I have Bio in room 212 with Mr. Delano, then PE with Mrs. Reid, French in room 102 with Mr. LeMieux, Lunch, than Parenting with Ms. Liang in room 114." I said to myself. As I stood at the office doorway reading, someone spoke as they came out the door beside me:
"Oh, I have Bio with Delano too… second period too."

"Well, now I know someone in my class." I smiled and looked up to see a guy with hazel eyes and short black hair. Wow he was hot.

"I'm Shawn…" He said. "You are..?"

I stood there for a moment, staring into his beautiful eyes. They were green with flecks of gold and blue. He eventually gave me a strange look and said: "Well, see you soon, I gotta go."

Wow, I probably looked like a total loser. I thought. Oh my gosh… And I didn't answer him! He probably thinks I'm weird. Just as I was about to head to room 212 my best friend Hilary comes up behind me.

"Hey, Suzy. I saw you checkin' out that hot guy! Do you know him? Oh, and what about Andrew… Or what ever. That bf you had over the summer? Cheating on him, are you?" She said as she giggled.

"Ohhh… Him. No, we kinda broke up last week." I said, shyly. I could feel my cheeks heating up. Oh my gosh, was I actually blushing?!

"Well, I better get going to Law… Ughh… fun, eh?" Hilary said, as she began to walk down the hall. Oh, I forgot to tell you. Hilary's parents, well, they're pretty strict. They are putting a lot of weight on poor Hil's shoulders. She is supposed to get a 97 average and get into Harvard Law, or another amazing University in the States, and become a lawyer. (Which she would rather not do if she had the choice.) Hilary is a really smart girl, but Law just isn't her thing, I guess."

I checked the time. Wow, 8:38. I'd better find room 212 soon… In like, two minutes! I ran up the closest stairwell as fast as I could, and luckily, ended up right across from my Biology classroom. I saw my friend Michelle head into the class before me, so I hurried and caught up to her.

"Hey Mishy!" I exclaimed, attacking my poor friend. "You're in this class too?"

"Oh. Wow, Susan. You scared the crap outta me!" She said, laughing. "Here, let's share a sink." Each sink had two stools, and was in the middle of two desks. But just as we were about to put down our bags, a tall, large man with a mostly bald, (partially grey-haired) head came up behind Michelle and said in a loud voice:
"Excuse me! I will be assigning the seats! Could you two ladies please stand at the back of the moment for the time being?"

"Uh, sure." We said in unison as we scurried to the end of the room. We saw microscopes and lots of strange tools and a bunch of other stuff I'd never seen before in my life. It reminded me of a doctor's office-but creepier.

Soon, the bell rang and students piled in classrooms, and I could see many still wandering the halls minutes after the bell had sounded. Michelle looked at me, and gave me a look as if to ask: "What's going on? When can we sit down?" I shrugged my shoulders and turned my head to Mr. Delano, who began to speak.

"All right students. I will read out our seating plan. This is where you will be seated for the entire semester, unless I make changes." (Wow that made a lot of sense…) Many students were becoming restless, and started to complain.

"Oh shut up." He said, rudely. "Okay, so… In the front corner. Dennis Aitken and Thomas Au." A boy with suspenders, coke-bottle glasses, and curly red hair ran up to the corner seat.

"Dennis Aitken?" Michelle whispered, giggling. "He was in my Tech class last year. What a nerd!" I smiled and turned my attention to the cranky, now red-faced, Mr. Delano.

"Alana Benson, Sierra Cane. Then Emily Chan, Jordan Cook." Alana and Sierra, two popular girls walked confidently up to the front of the class, muttering things about how their seats sucked. Emily Chan, who I later found out was a foreign exchange student from Hong Kong (with an odd obsession over stuffed animals), slowly gathered her large stack of binders and pens and walked up to her seat beside Jordan, Sierra's boyfriend.

"Dang, yo. I thought I'd be wit Sierra." He complained.

"Be quiet, you! Let me get on with the seating plan, please. Next is… Michelle Fong and Daniel Ford." Michelle gave me a sad look and slowly walked over to her seat.

"Let's speed things up, shall we?" Mr. D asked. No one responded. "Susan Green, Shawn Hayes. Evan Hewitt, Ahmed Khan. Sadia Khan, Beth Kim. Nancy Lee, Peter McDonald. Neil Reid, Cindy Sampson. David Song, Benjamin Stanfield. Danielle Wong, Wilson Wu." Twenty-four students. It works perfectly!"

Once I sat down I recognized the face of the guy sitting next to me. Shawn Hayes. It was the hot guy I met earlier at the office! I turned to face him, but he was too busy unpacking his bag.

"Hey," I said. He looked at me for a few seconds until he, too, recognized my face.

"Oh, Hey! I'm sorry, what'd you say your name was again? Sally? Sarah?" He asked.
"Susan." I corrected.

"Oh, oops." He said, squishing his face in an odd way. He turned his head in my direction, but I noticed he was looking past me… At Michelle!

"Wow, who's that hot Asian girl over there? You know her?" He asked. It broke my heart. He didn't care about me whatsoever. He liked Michelle!

"Ah, yeah. That's Michelle." What was I supposed to say? He saw us talking.

"You good friends?" He asked.

"Kinda... Why?" I asked, hoping he would get embarrassed and change the subject.

"Oh, sweet man. She's single, right?"

"I'm not sure. I think she has a bf." I lied. I knew for a fact she wasn't with anyone.

"Aw, shoot man. Anyway, what other classes do you have? And what about Michelle over there?" Ugh, enough about her!

"I dunno about Mishy, but you can look at my schedule." I smiled and passed Shawn a piece of paper. He studied it for a while, and discovered that we also have Parenting together this semester (how strange), and History next semester.

"Hey, do you have Facebook?" He asked me a while later. I smiled and nodded my head.

"You have Msn?" I asked, and we later exchanged emails. He also asked for Michelle's, which I gave to him.

By the end of the class, I noticed Michelle and Shawn had started to talk, and were laughing. I immediately felt jealous. I decided I must tell Hilary A.S.A.P.

Phys. Ed was boring. All we did was get our uniforms and played tag and other stupid games. I met some new friends, Amy Goodman, Taylor Abbott, and Gwen Shao, and realized that one of my old friends, Emma Smith, was in the class as well.

"Oh my gosh Susannn!" Emma exclaimed as soon as she saw me. "How was your summer? Mine was a blast! I went out with this guy like every day and we're still together. His name's Greg and he goes to Lakeview Prep! That amazing private school in the West End where—"

"Yeah, I know where Lakeview Preparatory Collegiate is, Em." I laughed. "My summer was pretty good."

"Hey… Weren't you going out with some super-hot guy at your dad's?" She asked. My parents are divorced, and I usually spend Augusts at my dad's house in the lovely West End. My mom, step-dad, Eddie, and twelve year-old sister Mallory live in a two-bedroom townhouse in one of the most ghetto areas of town. I guess you can tell who got everything after the divorce two years ago.

"We broke up around the end of the summer…" I said, embarrassed.

"Aw, that sucks. What happened?"

"He realized I went to Cedarville South. You know how the West-End Prep school kids have this thing against the South..?"

"I'm lucky Greg's not like most West-Enders." Emma laughed. "I never knew your summer fling went to Lakeview Prep."

"I'm trying to forget him, Emma. I've found someone else…" I explained. "…one of our own kind here at Cedarville."

"Ooh, really?! Who?" She asked. She had the cutest look on her face. Only Emma could do it. The way she smiled made her look like a teddy bear, and her eyes shined with excitement. That face reminded me of the old days when we were younger. Emma and I had known each other since kindergarten, and when we were about four or five, we were best friends. We did everything together and could not spend even a day apart—we were inseparable.

"Shawn Hayes."

Now, however, we were still friends, but definitely not close how we were back in the day. Now we don't hang out much at all. You know how it is: time flies and people change.