Christmas Run kisses
& Picnics in the park
Don't mean shit to a
Confused cowering crybaby.

Tip-toe up the spine
And get under my skin
Rip through my ribs
And scratch at my mind.

You're a habitual virus
I chose to keep
Even if it wasn't in my best interest
To try to keep you happy.
A creep, a loser, an ex-lover.
You can't play the victim this time.
You did it to yourself.
So stop crying to me about your problems
If you want advice then I suggest
You should kill yourself tonight.

I have groveled for the last time
so go on and say
all your hurtful words
you don't really mean.
This ink is useless
(useless in the color of blood)
Me dieing
Would be
The perfect ending
To this fucked up novel.
Don't you think?