I Spy

A/N: Don't read this if you don't like stories that don't have a 'happily ever after!' This is in the horror section for a reason!

Five teenagers sat on the front porch of a log cabin, high in the Colorado mountains. They were all laughing and joking over silly, inconsequential things, watching the sun go down. They were all suitably dazzled by the breathtaking view before them, although they were all very careful not to show it from fear of not looking 'cool' to their friends.

They were all drinking beer, although none of them had had more than one so far. They all felt extremely daring and debonair, breaking the law like they did. They were untouchable, they were immortal, they were…

Completely full of it, they just didn't realize it yet.

The two girls sat and giggled at the dirty jokes the guys' were making. One had pretty black hair with large green eyes. Both of those things stuck out so much against her pale skin. She looked almost inhuman, in a way. Her body was stick skinny, very little meat anywhere.

In contrast, the other girl had dark skin, the color of caramel. Her eyes were a deep, dark, pretty blue, and her hair was a light brown color. She had a dazzling smile, and a sweet look in her eye. Her body was perfectly curved, having meat in all the right places.

The boys all looked similar, though, like brothers. All of them had olive-colored skin and sharp brown eyes, and their bodies all were roughly toned. There were some differences, though. They each had different color hair. One had brown, one had blonde, and the other was a red-head. You could tell, though, that none of those were their natural hair color.

But the biggest difference between the three brothers was that one of them looked kind, one of them looked cynical, and the other one looked downright cruel.

Many people say looks are deceiving. But, after you get to know those three brothers, you know they are all exactly what they seem.

As the sun finally set, finally falling past the horizon, a single shadow shifted in the trees around the cabin, but none of the teenagers noticed. They were too busy talking to one another. None of them took any mind to the spreading darkness all around them. They were in a cabin, in the middle of the woods, in the middle of the mountains. There wasn't a neighboring cabin for at least two miles, in any direction. What did they have to worry about?

So, they continued blithely on, talking about their high school, and how it felt to be seniors finally. They made jokes about the coming year, laughing about some of their classmates stupidities. One of the boys talked about how much he was looking forward to the fresh meat coming up, causing the two girls to frown. Neither of those girls seemed to like the cruel looking brother that much. But, then, if they had had their way, he wouldn't have been on this trip to start with. It was their boyfriends who had insisted on bringing their brother, their boyfriends who had made the decision to let him come. They certainly had no say in the matter.

The other two brothers quickly changed the subject, knowing how bad their brother could be when he sensed disapproval. And their girlfriends weren't being subtle about their feelings, either.

"Why don't we play a game? Like…a guessing game, or something." A sudden thought made the blonde laugh. Their was good humor in his voice when he suggested his game. "Why don't we play I Spy? We haven't played that one in years!"

The brown headed boy shrugged, still wanting to talk about the fresh meat that would be coming that year. He really was looking forward to it, and he smiled harshly, already figuring up how many cherries he was going to pop.

The red-head nodded his head quickly, not wanting a fight any more than the blonde. He put his arm over the caramel-sweet girl, holding her to him. He knew she wanted to tell him off for insisting on bringing his brother, and he planned to let her do it, because he knew how much of a jerk his brother was.

But he was still family.

The blonde did the same to his girlfriend, loving the look of his arm around her shoulder. He stared at the beautifully pale face of his love, loving the look of his olive skin in such sharp contrast to her almost translucent skin.

The girls shared a look, both rolling their eyes, knowing their boyfriends were trying to placate them, but willing to go along, anyway. They nodded their heads, showing their agreement, even as they thought of how it was a kind of childish thing to do.

The blonde and the red-head both smiled in relief, knowing that if their girlfriends got in a fight with their short-tempered brother, they'd probably end up with bloody noses or black eyes. And then, of course, the three brothers would have to fight.

So, in the interest of keeping things harmonious, they were willing to play such a stupid game.

The blonde decided he'd go first.

"Well, I spy, with my little eye, something…green"

The brown haired boy rolled his eyes, and scoffed upon hearing this, disgust rolling off him in waves. His voice was filled with condescension when he answered.

"Sierra's eyes. Dave, you're always staring into them, like they hold the damn secrets of the world or something, so who couldn't figure that out? You'd have to be a real idiot to not know it."

This was a very inconsiderate thing to say, considering the three other teens had been trying to think of what Dave could be talking about, and had already guessed a few times without success.

Scowls fell onto four different faces, although the red-head and blonde's didn't stay long. They were both quick to intervene before their girlfriends responded to the insult.

"Well, that was right, Robbie. So, um, it's your turn! What do you spy?"

Robbie slouched back, rolling his eyes once again. There wasn't a stupider game on the planet than I Spy.

"I spy, with my little eye, something brown."

Robbie smirked when the four other teenagers all turned to him with looks of disgust on their faces. It was so much fun annoying his two brothers and their precious girlfriends. The three boys might have been born on the same day, but they were certainly not identical. Robbie was nothing like his two brothers, and he was proud of it.

"Robbie, that's not fair! We're in the middle of the woods in a wood cabin! Everything's brown! You got to give us more of a clue than that!"

Robbie just shrugged, continuing to smirk at them all. He still thought I spy was an extremely stupid game, but used as an excuse to annoy the others, it wasn't so bad.

Dave and the red-head just rolled their eyes, used to their brother's attitude. The girls' lips were pinched, and there was utter loathing flashing in their eyes. But Robbie was completely oblivious, too busy basking in the glory of besting the other four teenagers.

"The stairs?"


"The chairs?"


"The woods?"


"The trees?"

"Wrong again."

"The floor?"

"No, you idiot."

"The door?"

"Not even close."

"The rocks?"

"Come on, you guys, can't you do better than that?"

And so the guessing went on. Finally, the others were almost ready to give up, when the caramel-sweet girl finally took a random guess that she was sure would be knocked down, just like the others.

"Vince's eyes"

Robbie threw back his head and laughed.

"Finally, Relina. I was getting old sitting here waiting for one of you to get it right. And how predictable that it was you who finally got it, too. Another stunning example of teenage love. How disgusting."

Robbie made a face, pretending that he was about to throw up, even managing a convincing dry heave. The other teenagers rolled their eyes, but didn't comment. Relina shook her head but decided to take her turn, seeing as she was the one who guessed it right.

"Um, I spy, with my little eye, something…" She trailed off, trying to pick something hard as she scanned the yard. Nothing jumped out at her until she saw this little flash of something purple in the darkness, barely catching the light as it was on the very edge of the clearing, almost completely covered by the shadows. "Purple! I spy something purple!"

She smiled triumphantly, sure it would take the rest of them a long while to find what she had in the darkened front yard. And when she saw the looks of absolute incomprehension on their faces, she laughed. She felt so proud of herself for spotting that perfect thing.

"There isn't anything purple here. You're just making that up!"

Robbie glared accusingly at Relina. How dare she try to cheat! Robbie hated lots of things, but one of the biggest things he hated were cheaters.

"Now, Robbie, I'm sure she didn't make it up," Dave soothingly said, smiling comfortingly to him. He turned to Relina then, giving her the same smile. "Now, were you talking about the flowers in the front yard, perhaps?"

It was the only thing even remotely purple there, in the middle of the woods, which is what gave Relina pause for a second. What was that thing out there?

But she only shrugged it off. Probably just a piece of fabric torn off someone's clothing or something. One thing was for certain though, that thing out there hadn't been a flower.

"Nope, it's not a flower." Then she glowered at Robbie. "It's not something I just made up, either."

She sniffed delicately, turning her nose up. But Relina kept her eyes on the others watching them look for anything they could possibly see that was purple. Relina bit her lip several times when she saw one of them look in the direction of the purple flash, waiting for them to shout it out. Every time their eyes moved on, she let out a small sigh of relief, relishing the victory. It wasn't often Relina was able to show up anyone else, and, although she wasn't a prideful sort, she was extremely pleased with herself for this one time being able to do something the others couldn't.

"There's nothing out there that's purple! And there's nothing purple up here! I'm telling you, she made it up!"

Relina pursed her lips in annoyance, but that quickly changed to a smile when she thought of what that meant.

"So, you give up?"

All the teenagers nodded. All except Robbie, that is. He glowered at Relina, angry at her for the simple fact that she had done one of two things: cheated, or bested him at something. Both of those things were something he absolutely detested.

"It's not here to find, so I sure as hell can't find it. You made it up!"

Relina triumphantly turned around to point at the little flash of purple on the edge of the yard, absurdly proud to show that horrible boy up.

"It's right…there?"

Relina scanned the area, wondering if she had lost track of where she'd found it. But, when she continuously saw nothing there, her brow furrowed, and she started to blush. Where could it have gone? It was just there a second ago. But, now, Robbie would convince the others that she really had made it up. She continued to scan the yard, looking for that little scrap of purple.

"It was just there, just a second ago, I swear! I don't know where it went…oh, there it is! There, right there! Do you see it?"

But, before the others could turn around and look at the little flash of purple, it vanished again, fading back into the darkness right before Relina's eyes.

She jumped up, staring at the spot the purple had vanished from. She scanned the darkness looking for any sign of that purple again. Where did it go? She couldn't understand what was happening. Was it an animal? What animal was purple? I mean, sure, it was a very dark purple, bordering black, but there was no creature that Relina knew of that was that color.

Was it a scrap of clothing blowing in the wind?

Relina scowled. What wind? The night was oddly still, no breeze to speak of.

Sierra turned towards Relina slowly, after all four of the other teenagers had scanned where she was pointing, looking for this purple she had been so sure was there.

"Where's this purple you were talking about, Relina?"

There was deep suspicion in Sierra's words. Her face showed that she didn't really care if Relina had lied or not, but she wanted to embarrass her because that was what teenagers did. There was no deeper motive behind the teen's actions, and Relina didn't really blame her.

"I told you guys! She made it all up! She was lying the entire time, just stringing us along!"

Vince glared at Robbie.

"I'm sure she didn't mean to lie, Robbie. She obviously thought she saw something purple out there. So, she made a mistake. That's all. It's not that big a deal."

Vince turned to smile at Relina. She smiled back, weakly, glad he'd stuck up for her, even if it wasn't exactly in the way she wanted. The way he'd said it, she wasn't a liar, just an idiot.

"I really did see something purple, you guys. I didn't lie. I don't know what it was, or where it went, but I saw it. Whether you guys believe me or…not."

She stared, eyes widening. Robbie glowered at her, a threatening scowl on his face as he stood right in front of the steps, using his size to intimidate the smaller girl. But she wasn't looking at him. He wasn't what scared her.

It was the large man behind him that scared her, the one who had seemingly come out of nowhere. The one with a very big knife in his hand.

The one wearing a big, purple shirt.

"Robbie, it's…he's…right behind you!"

She pointed a shaky finger over Robbie's shoulder. Robbie just rolled his eyes, continuing to glower at the little liar. How dare she try to trick him AGAIN! She was asking for a beating, and Robbie was for damn sure going to give her one.

"Don't think I'm going to fall for that cheap trick. You're nothing but a stupid, lying witch, and you're gonna get what's coming to you!"

Robbie slapped her, as hard as he could, hitting that one spot on a woman's face that was sure to make her entire skull throb with pain. She jerked to the side, feeling pain slide through her fast. She lifted her hand to her face, feeling where he hit her. Blood was already sliding from a cut on her lip, and she felt like a bruise was already forming there on her cheek.

But she ignored all that as she jumped up and began to back away from Robbie…and the man standing behind him, quiet and still as though he were made of stone.

Her voice came out a little slurred as she tried once again to warn the self-righteous prick.

"Robbie, I'm serious, there's someone standing right behind you…and he's holding a knife."

By this time, the other's had finally broken through the shock of seeing Robbie slapping poor Relina. Vince jumped up, grabbing Robbie's hand as he made to swing at her again, anger glowing from his brown eyes.

"Robbie, leave her alone! She's terrified of you, and she just wants you to leave her alone, you jerk! You ever touch my girlfriend again, and I'll slice your balls off! You understand me, Robbie?"

Relina still shook with fear, keeping her eyes on the man standing behind Robbie. His eyes met hers and she felt something zing through her as she got lost inside those eyes. They were a terrifyingly haunting electric blue color, and they sliced right through her, almost tearing her in half with the sheer emotion in those eyes. What that emotion was, Relina couldn't identify. But she saw it there, as he stared back at her, something dark and dangerous and…desirable in his eyes.

She didn't even glance at her boyfriend once as he stood up for her against Robbie so valiantly…even if it was a little late.

This wasn't something Vince was expecting when he looked back to stare at Relina. He expected her to be staring at him with relief and admiration in her gaze, imagining in his head that she would now see him as her hero. After all, he had just threatened his own brother for her, his own flesh and blood. But, when he saw her staring in absolute fear in Robbie's direction, he understood. She didn't think the danger was over yet.

Vince walked over towards her, striding over the wood planks quickly, eager to offer comfort.

"Relina, it's okay, honey. I won't let him hurt you again, I promise. I'm so sorry I didn't stop him in time. Really."

But Relina still didn't look at him, continuing to stare in Robbie's direction. Vince frowned. What was the matter with her? Didn't she have any faith in his abilities?

Although…maybe Robbie was doing something to scare her on purpose, which would explain why she couldn't take her eyes off him.

"Robbie, what the hell are you doing?"

Vince turned around to face his brother, ready to stride back over and kick his ass, when he saw what it was, exactly, that Relina had been staring at. Not Robbie, after all, but a very dark looking man with a purple shirt on.


"Robbie, look out behind you!"

Robbie jerked around, understanding from his brother's stricken look that there really was something there. When he saw the huge man standing behind him, fear spread through him, freezing him for a single second.

One second too long.

The man unlocked his eyes from Relina's when he heard Vince's warning, and he had his knife up and ready to strike by the time that Robbie turned around. When the stupid boy just stood there and stared at him numbly, he took the chance to stab the boy straight in the throat.

The man watched dispassionately as the boy gurgled on his own blood welling up in his throat, then finally collapsed, falling to the floor with eyes already glazed with death.

He smirked when the other girl jumped up, screaming in terror as she stared at him. He noticed Relina was still standing there, staring at him, fear still in her gaze. She was transfixed, and he met her eyes once again, but only briefly.

The he concentrated on the men before him, thinking they may try to rush him together. He was good at his hobby, but he wasn't that good. Two teenage boys coming at him fast was a challenge, even for someone like him.

But neither seemed inclined to rush him. Instead, they both grabbed hold of their girlfriends, rushing them inside the cabin. He smirked, but followed them, just as fast as they were. He was inside the cabin before they had a chance to close the door, and followed them through that small, little place.

Vince had dragged Relina half way through the house before she fully came out of her daze. She started to run with Vince, keeping up with him easily. After all, she wasn't on track for nothing.

The four teens rushed through the house, the big man hot on their trail. They quickly flew through the back door, not even stopping to slam the door as they heard the man right behind them. They ran into the woods, hoping the trees would screen them, hoping the bushes would provide places to hide. Sierra and Dave stayed by their sides, all easily keeping up as they had all taken track together for years. That's how they'd all met, actually.

They all jumped over logs, and cut around large rocks. When Sierra made to turn in a different direction, to avoid what looked like some wicked thorns, Dave pulled her back, explaining why in a low voice as they listened to the man behind them crashing through the foliage.

"The closest cabin is this direction, hun! We gotta keep going this way, or we may get lost and just…wander around, until we collapse from exhaustion"
Sierra's eyes widened, and she nodded her head. Relina absorbed this information, too, deciding to keep going straight in this direction if it killed her.

They tramped through the thorns, each cursing and rushing as they tried their hardest to get through them with as few stops as possible. They even let the thorns slice through their skin, painfully ripping them, just so they didn't have to stop for long. But Sierra had to stop suddenly, because she was caught in one big thorn bush. She yanked and pulled, crying silent tears when the thorns refused to let go of her, even when it had scratched her almost from head to toe. She didn't even hear the man come up behind her, she was struggling so much.

When the others heard Sierra cry out in a sudden scream of pain, they all jerked around, staring at her.

They continued to stare, and Relina even started to cry silently, as they watched the big man slice down her back with his knife. They all heard the grinding sound the knife made as it traveled down her back, rubbing too hard on Sierra's spine. Blood splashed everywhere, spilling all over the man's gloves, and dripping down onto the leaves below.


The pained cry came from Dave, and he instantly ran to where Sierra's body collapsed on the ground. Sierra looked up at him, with pain glazed eyes, reaching up towards him with her hand slowly, begging him silently to save her.

But then her eyes went slowly vacant, as Dave lay beside her, taking her hand that went suddenly limp. Sierra's body slumped down, and she let out a single sigh, before she went completely, deathly still.


And then the knife came down, straight into Dave's skull, slicing down. Relina screamed as she watched the back piece of Dave's head slide down to the ground, revealing the brain inside. Blood dripped from there, too, spreading more of the sticky substance on the ground. Dave died instantly, slumping forward over his dead girlfriend's body, covering her almost protectively even in death.

The man looked up at them, and, when he started to move forward, Vince once again grabbed Relina's hand and dragged her forward. Silent tears slid down his face as well, as he cried for his brothers. But he had to get Relina and himself away, had to get them safe.

They ran on and on through those woods, knowing the man was right behind them, knowing they couldn't hesitate at any part, had to keep going. They were each breathing hard on that run, dodging the many obstacles in their paths. They ran and ran until they finally saw a cabin ahead through the trees. Relina cried out in joy, so happy in that moment that she felt she could fly.

Vince looked over at her, smiling, when he heard that sound. He, too, felt euphoric at the sight of that cabin. He felt so good right then, knowing safety was just a little way off.

And then he tripped over a rock he didn't see.

He fell down, hard, screaming in sudden, blinding fear, knowing the man was coming up behind him. He hurriedly tried to get up, staring up at Relina with terror flashing in his brown eyes.

She was the last thing he saw.

Relina screamed bloody murder as she watched the man she loved have his throat slit faster than anything she ever saw before. One minute, Vince was struggling up, staring at her as he rushed to jump to his feet, the next there was a knife slicing his throat open, squirting blood everywhere. She sobbed, placing a hand over her mouth as she watched her boyfriend's body slump, his blood pooling around him.

When the big man's electric blue eyes came up to meet hers once again, she stumbled backward, backing away from him. Then she turned blindly, running from the man, trying desperately to make it to that cabin, to safety.

She ran as fast as her feet would carry her, too afraid to look behind her, too afraid to even wonder where the man was.

When she broke through the woods into that clearing, she felt a rush of absolute satisfaction pump through her. She was going to make it. She was going to make it!

She ran to that door, pounding on it for a few seconds, before trying the doorknob itself, twisting it and running inside, slamming the door shut behind her. Relina jerked her head to her right, then her left, scanning for whoever lived inside the cabin. When she found no one, she rushed into the other rooms, looking for another human, for a gun, for a butcher knife, anything. But she didn't find anything useful in that entire house, nor a single living thing in that place.

When she heard the front door creak open, though, she ground to a halt in one of the bedrooms in the cabin, eyes wide. She scanned the room she was in, then quietly creeped over to the closet, going inside and almost completely shutting the door behind her. She hid behind some of the clothes, listening to the sounds outside the closet closely, while also watching the light in front of the closet.

Relina heard the man's shoes clop through the house, slowly making his way through every room. She cried silently, begging God to just get her out of this alive.

When the man walked into the room she was hiding in, she had to swallow a whimper. It was so hard, keeping silent as the man walked into the room, scanning everything. She stared at him from inside the closet, studying him as he analyzed every little surface in the room.

He was wearing a big, thigh-length, purple shirt that looked almost black, which had assuredly helped him blend in with the shadows. He even had black hair, raven black, that was shoulder-length. His skin was very tan, and his physique was very muscular. Also very helpful while trying to kill people.

The next thing she noticed was that he wasn't holding a knife anymore.

You probably think this should have been the first thing she noticed, but he was simply too gorgeous not to stare at, and things like knives became secondary when it came to such beauty.

Still, Relina held her breath as the man's eyes scanned over the closet, cursing the bright, lime green sweater she was wearing, because it tripled the chances of him seeing her in there. She let her breath out slowly when those blue, blue eyes didn't even hesitate on the door, continuing blithely on his scan of the room.

She felt relief rush through her…until he spoke.

"I spy, with my little eye, something…green."

And the man suddenly jumped forward, sliding the closet door open. Relina screamed when she realized that he was there…right in front of her…with his eyes locked on hers once again.

For a moment, she was locked in time, staring in those beautiful eyes. They were terribly beautiful. Captivating. Breathtaking. No killer should have eyes like those. No murderer should be able to look as handsome as this one did, either.

But he did. And he was.

Relina again saw emotion in those eyes, emotion that hadn't been there throughout the hunt in the woods. She continued to stare up at the man who had become the thing of her nightmares in the short time since she'd first seen him.

Then she darted forward, attempting to get past him. He latched onto her quickly, using both hands to hold her still as he lifted her in the air. She screamed as he carried her bodily through the room, kicking and clawing and fighting with everything she had in her.

The man grunted, but continued until he had her on the bed, under him, held down by his weight and strength. She was so smothered, she couldn't move.

She screamed again, this time it was a frustrated, but resigned scream, a scream that said that she knew what was coming…and that she was powerless to stop it.

"You know, you shouldn't have come to this cabin. Little Dave was right when he said it was the closest. That's true. But it was the worst place out of all of them to choose."

Relina looked up at him, staring up into those beautiful eyes, suddenly sure this man was completely insane. Here he was, holding her down on a bed, after murdering all four of her companions, and he managed to sound as though they were just two people in an ordinary restaurant talking about the weather. If you only heard the tone of voice he used you wouldn't think that we were talking about which escape route would have been best to escape a murderer.

"Because it was empty."

It wasn't a question. Relina was cursing everything she could think of for coming to this stupid, useless cabin. No one was here, there was nothing to offer safety. It had been the worst place to go, just like the man said.

"No, because it's my cabin."

Relina's eyes widened as she realized what, exactly, that meant. She was stuck in the middle of nowhere, in a murderer's house, with no chance of anyone even driving up to see what was going on inside their house.

She was trapped.

"But, you made it here. That's more than anyone else has ever been able to do. Not to mention the fact that you actually saw me when I was walking around your cabin. No one's every seen me before. Not when I don't want to be seen. That peaks my interest, little Relina."

She stared up at the man, swallowing hard. She actually wished she hadn't peaked this man's interest. Sure, he was gorgeous, sure, he might have killed her already if she wasn't interesting. But this feeling of being utterly, completely trapped, with no hope of ever leaving this house, along with the knowledge that he was going to keep her here and…do things to her, was far worse, to her mind.

Suddenly, Relina wanted nothing more than to die.

She started to writhe underneath him, trying to get out of his hold. This position was a bad one to be in.

Relina did not like to be in the middle of the Colorado Rockies, in the middle of the woods, in a murderer's cabin, in a bedroom, on a bed with said murderer. No, this was not an ideal position to be in.

But no matter how Relina moved, the man adjusted his weight to again keep her in place. Finally, she gave up, panting. She stared up into the twinkling blue eyes that she knew were laughing at her, and glared. She didn't worry about what she did anymore. She had nothing left to fear. He was going to do whatever he wanted to her, anyway.

"Yes, little Relina, I've decided. I'm going to keep you alive. You're going to live a long, healthy life. Here. With me."

And he smiled down at her, flashing his perfect teeth down at her. Relina didn't have time to do anything but gape as the man started to rip off her clothes.

A scream rent the air, the loudest one yet, as Relina's fate was sealed. It was cut off almost as soon as it started, leaving the air around the cabin oddly silent.

Until a shout of satisfaction, louder and more terrifying than any scream could be, echoed around the cabin.


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