Trinity woke from the dream. It had been of the day she had been brought upon this godforsaken ship. She had been having it often nowadays. Six years later, she was still on it, working for the pirate whom had kidnapped her. It wasn't like she had a choice, though. But because all aboard her father's ship other than her had died, he had said he rescued her.

She stretched and went up onto the deck. It was still night, with moon and stars. It's the 13th of August today, she thought, forehead wrinkling. She was now eighteen. Trinity ran her hand along The Falcon's railing. Six years, on the same ship sine she was twelve. Walking behind the wheel, she stared out at sea. It was so beautiful yet so deadly. She knew hundreds of ships had sank in these waters. Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me, she thought, smiling sadly. But not by choice. Her smile faded. Thinking back to that day again, remembering how Captain James Fortoon had dragged her upon his ship. He had called her his living loot. Now he had made her a shipmate. She couldn't leave his service as long as he lived. Or set her free. Which wasn't going to happen. Trinity had only been on land six times in the last five years. Not counting when and where they unloaded their loot. Her sea legs where defiantly better than her land legs.

She yawned and rolled her shoulders while looking up at the crow's nest. Sebastian was up there. As the youngest guy, he was given the night watch. Captain Fortoon barely gave her any slack for being a girl. As a result, she was one of the best people who worked the rigging on the ship. But she had been on night duty few times. Trinity looked at the moon. She noted, unconsciously, that they were headed north, and it was two in the morning. Everyone else would be waking up in two hours. Trinity wandered around the deck again. Thinking about the past six years of her life. She wondered what would have happened if the pirates hadn't heard her song and looted her father's ship. Or even if she hadn't seen her father's body, floating facedown in the water.

Sighing, Trinity kept walking. Soon, she heard the tick tack of claws. "Hey, Finchy." The big black dog nudged her hand. Trinity stroked his head. "Good boy," she said, crouching down and grabbing both sides of his head and gently shaking it. "Best gift I ever got," she crooned to the dog. "Room," she told the dog, standing up. Finch looked at her sadly, before padding off. Trinity looked up at the crows nest and smiled.

Trinity peeked over the side. Sebastian was leaning against the mast, sleeping. She grinned wickedly and climbed in. Slowly, she went beside him and poked his shoulder. He didn't move. Trinity rolled her eyes and clicked her tongue. "Never fall asleep, Seb. You know that." She took her jacket off and stuck it in the warning bell. Then she crouched beside him and took in a big lungful of air. "Seb! Reef!" she screamed in his ear. Seb shot up, gasping. His hand went immediately to the bell, ringing it. Trinity collapsed, laughing. Realizing it was a trick, he turned and shoved her out of the nest, grabbing her shirt last second. "Not. Funny," he growled, emphasizing each word.

"Yes, funny," she countered. "Plus, I just saved your butt. You're not supposed to be sleeping. What if there had been a reef? Or if Jim had caught you in the morning? You would've been whipped."

Seb rolled his eyes. "Fine," he said, before his brow furrowed. "But why are you up so early?"

Trinity looked down. "I…I…I had…," she sighed. "I had nightmares again." She rubbed her nose. Sebastian stared at her, his gaze calculating, seeing how far he could push the subject. "About what?" he asked, softly.

"About the first day. About…"

"Your father?" Seb was the only one who knew.

"Yeah. And…when I got Finch. Remember? I thought you were gonna fall flat on your face, you were running so fast." She laughed. "Hey! I worked hard to get him for you!" Seb shouted, jokingly. Trinity raised her eyebrows at him. "Fine, maybe she was giving them away. But, still.."

"He was the best present I ever got." Sebastian glanced at her. "Better than the necklace your father gave you?" he asked. She smiled softly at him. "A hundred times better." She peeked over the top sidings. "Well, I need to go work. It's almost light out. Have a nice nap the rest of the day, Seb." Trinity swung out of it and nimbly climbed down the ropes. Sebastian watched her, a soft smile on his lips.

Trinity went through her morning routine, checking and cleaning the guns, heavy ones first, then going up to the lighter ones. As always, she had a hulking black shadow flitting just behind her, always out of the way. "Twiggy!" she called out to a stick skinny man. His head swung in her direction. "What's our heading?"

Twiggy swallowed, before saying "I think we're headed towards Spain."

Trinity nodded in thanks before looking down, "He's never been one to talk much, has he, Finch?" she asked the dog. Finch wagged his tail in response. "At least the weather will be warm." Suddenly, there was a commotion on the port side. Finch started barking in his loud, deep manner. "What the…" Trin pushed her way through the crowd until reaching the railing. There was a man in the sea. "Captain!" she yelled. "Man overboard." Fortoon's head shot up.

"Throw the hook." he yelled back. Trinity weaved her fingers through Finch's fur to keep him from jumping in. Then, Pimer came, carrying the hook. He tossed it to the man, who grabbed it. Jim grabbed the collar of the man's shirt and heaved him over the railing. The man, with shaggy brown hair and torn clothes, started to cough up some water, before collapsing to the floor.