i love you.

not romantically.

not in a stalker way.

not necesarilly in a friendly way (though it's quite possible).

i just love you.

if i don't know you, this doesn't apply.

i love only a select few enough to make me cry and laugh with all my heart, brains forgotten. who needs them when you have people you love?

i don't tell people 'i love you' often enough. that's because our culture is against it and makes it into something more.

well, it's true, everyone: i love you. screw culture and screw the world, if that's what it takes for me to be able to tell you. i should've told you all this long ago.

i love you.

and here's a love that applies to everyone:

i love you.

i am connected to you wholly and completely.

people are beautiful.

the world is gorgeous.

the sky changes colours and it rains so the beautiful children can dance, y'know?

have you ever seen such a happy child as a dancing one?

they look like freedom.

and then there's the old people: they're so breathtakingly beautiful. they care about us all- the world is their grandchild, and you better believe they're going to nuture it and give out lollipops from the damned mary poppins purse.

you wanna hear something totally crazy?

i love life.

for all it's unfairness, i love it.

i love the feeling of happiness and of sunshine and of warm, faded wood on your feet.

i love the memories of being in a car for hours at a time because, looking back, it was a beautiful feeling that i got.

i love my friends.

i love my family.

i love the strangers.

and i love the people that i pretend to hate.

what's it going to take to make the world realize that it's okay to say i love you? a terrorist group?

because that's what it seems to take for people to realize anything at all.

so there is is.