One'a these days I was walking along,

and in my head I was singing my song.

That's when I saw you staring at me,

that's when I saw what this world could be.

If you'd come with me I'd show you my heart,

hoping that maybe you'd never depart.

When we're together everything's fine,

you bring the candles, and I'll bring the wine.

Beautiful girl that's what you are,

and I'm what you're stuck with, though you call me a star.

All nights are lonely when you've gone away,

just me and my thoughts, I hate it this way.

When you say my name I can't help but smile,

knowing that name might be yours in a while.

Others call it insanity, I call it creative madness,

you give me everything, even your sadness.

Kiss away your problems, never make you cry,

and hope our love will never, ever die.

I'll love you forever, cherish and hold,

you'll love me till death's grip comes dark and cold.

Living together we'll always be true,

our lives are entwined cause we both said, "I do".