I found than June can be crueler,

The crueler that mellow we are.

Before, when the air was cooler

And warm summer days seemed so far,

We yearned for this peak of the year,

We prayed we could get there soon.

If we just outlived our fear,

We thought, we would flourish in June.

When duties of work were no longer,

When it was no longer to cold,

We hoped that our bonds would grow stronger,

That we would have ties to uphold.

What radiant, jubilant air!

Away with the bleak winter times!

We made it – but friends aren't there,

Nor have for us room in their lives.

And now that life is at its fullest,

There's no one to call on or see.

I never thought June was the cruelest…

For we should the mellowest be.