Life is What You Make of It

You tried to take your life
but failed
You told the things you saw
but only you
You were ill and needed help
but no one knew

I remember who you were
the person that watched over me
I wonder who you've become
a person no one understands
I wish you'd realize
some pains can't be undone

Life is what you make of it
someone once told me
But what is so special about life
that, i cannot see
Recalling what you did
I realize what you felt
Why not end this pain
that life has unfairly dealt?

But knowing my actions would hurt others
just as you hurt me
I cannot take my life
It's not the way for me.

I wish to start over
forget the past that remains
But life is like a river
flowing into the sea
No matter how many rocks await
the river continues to flow
Until you reach the end
only then will it slow.

I make myself forget
the pain you've caused
But how can I erase
the past I saw?

I explain to you
why it's not right
I ignore you
hoping it'll go away

And it worked
the pain relieved
I don't feel sad
nor do I grieve
But I don't feel happy
nor do I believe

My feelings gone
packed away, suppressed
for fear of the pain
that may come back

No need for the past
to live the future
No need to feel
what inevitably amounts to pain

Live each day
Life is what you make of it.

A/N: I don't know if that makes any sense to anyone who reads it for the first time, but two stories in my profile will provide further insight on the events this poem focuses on. Reviews appreciated - thanks!