#22 10.03.06

"Master Piece"

The sculpture was gruesome –

Bloody, scarred;

A testament to the artist's morbidity

She had worked night and day –

Shaping, sculpting;

Being satisfied and then throwing it away

The final product would

Shock the season critic

Appall the common viewer

Was it beautiful?


But –

Something in the presence mortified

Something in the eyes –


The angle of the sword

The reality of the blood

The part of the lips just so –

Frightened –

Encompassed the evil,



That was the human soul

Or the artist who had created such a piece

The artist

Stood by her piece

Innocent, smiling, poised

Such a stark contrast

The masterpiece…

Heart Pounding…

The masterpiece…

Palms sweating…

The masterpiece…

So inevitably beautiful



Capturing in all its glory –

A trapped fear

A caged glory

An inevitable –

Inescapable fate

A glace at the artist –

"Twisted Soul"

"Agonized Mind"

What cruel madness had –

- Had possessed her?

What euphoric sadicy –

Had taken her?

What was she hiding?