Thank You Poem

The clock has finished His dance
as He leaves us entranced
with the steady tango of time.
"It seems like only yesterday . . ."
as you may say,
with the moments we've spent together
slowly floating away.

We met in smiles
and have traveled the miles
to imagination's gate
to wait and anticipate

And whether this is as we part
or whether it's a start
or a pleasant continuation of hellos,
I wish to thank you.

Thank you for the lessons taught
and the gignormous spot
I've leased to you in my heart lot.

Thank you for your present grin,
your gift to me as I begin
the trip to the "grown up" world.

Thank you fro laughter
And thank you for the euphoria after
the fulfillment of creative wiles.

But most of all
(and this is the cheesiest part)
thanks for being in my life
and waving me on to the start
of this "grown up" thing.

Thank you.