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Growing up together, they always wondered about their past. But responsibilities and commitments were always in the way of them uncovering the truth. When they decide to go out to unravel their forgotten histories, romance is bound to occur. But.. who falls in love with who?

She resisted against him, struggling and shaking but as she grew tired, she leaned into his embrace. "Mamma used to hold me like that if I didn't make her angry. It's all my fault, Luke! I didn't want to cry. The neighbours were not supposed to come! I didn't mean to make them take mamma..." she trailed off, her voice and body weak from her earlier shouts.

"Arcelia, never blame yourself. What happened to your mother wasn't your fault. She just needed to go somewhere where people could help her," he assured her, his voice calm. Arcelia nodded her head in acceptance.

It wasn't the first time she had cried in the middle of the night since arriving at the orphanage a month ago, but it still angered Lucas to know that such a sweet child had her youth stripped away from her due to her alcoholic mother.

Gazing at the face of the sleeping child, he smiled slightly. Arcelia was barely four, but yet, she was mature in her thinking. She was extremely insightful for her age and noticed things many didn't. Lucas tightened his grip around her and carried her to her cot. Giving the sleeping girl a small smile, he left the room slowly, careful not to make too much of a noise.

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Cosa Nostra by aLi R