Down to Earth


What's that? Aw, man, that shit you gave me's kickin' in. Is. . . is the sky on fire?

Nah, another plane exploded.

Looks like it's gonna land in the desert. Wanna go see?

Nothin' better to do.

Wow. . . did you hear it?

Fuck, I think my ears are bleeding.

Look at all that fire. It's so hot. I mean, hotter than usual.

Hey, those bodies over there are bubbling!

Some of 'em are twitching, too. I think they're still alive.

Oh, man, that fuckin' rules.

What do you think happened?

Fuck if I know, man. Terrorists. Engine blew up. Maybe the fuckin' pilot was drunk.

But there's always two.

Fine, they were both drunk then. What ya askin' me for? It's not like I was on the goddamn thing.

You think we should go tell somebody?

Dude. It's a fuckin' plane crash. Someone else musta heard it.

Still... it seems like the right thing to do.

Fuck that, man. The party starts in an hour.

Shelly gonna be there?


Yeah? Well, fuck this then, let's go.

Fuckin' A, man.