All Things Considered

Angie looked in the mirror warily, gently touching her hair at the same time. Her eyes roamed across the surface of the shiny glass as she sized herself up, putting herself in the point of view of her peers.

"Oh god," she muttered. She didn't know what was worse; her newly stylized hair, or her new outfit...neither of which resembled her at all.

"Most people prefer talking to others, in case you were wondering."

Angie's gaze focused on the other figure which had appeared in the mirror. She didn't recognize the guy - which wasn't too surprising - seeing as how she just moved to Orlando.

"Well, I'm not most people, am I?" She arched her eyebrow upward while saying this; turning her back from the mirror to get a good view of the guy.

Not bad, Angie thought to herself. She gave him a once over, assessing his looks. He had dark hair that reached his ears, a body that just screamed "soccer player", and stunning blue eyes…eyes which were currently finishing up their own assessment.

A smirk played on his lips as he started to talk to her. "Like what you see?"

Angie inwardly laughed. She knew guys like him, and had made it her daily duty to avoid them. They were generally way too arrogant for their own good and often sex crazed.

"No. In fact, each word that comes out of your mouth makes you less and less appealing."

She started to turn back towards the mirror, but his voice interrupted her.

"Going to start talking to yourself again?"

She mentally rolled her eyes. She didn't need this. She'd only been in Orlando for three hours, but she was already getting bothered. All she wanted to do was finish shopping and head back to her new house.

At her pause, soccer boy seemed to think of something else to say.

"I'm Adrian."

She visibly rolled her eyes at this.

"And I'm not interested."

Angie picked up her bags next to the mirror and began to walk out of the store. Figures, she thought to herself. She would be the one to be caught talking to herself in a apparel store.

A/N: Okay, this is the first chapter of All Things Considered. Granted, it is quite short...but I didn't want to exagerrate the first chapter. Reviews would be greatly appreciated... ).