All Things Considered

Chapter Two - Two Can Play That Game

Angie pulled to a stop in the school's parking lot. She glanced all around her, looking at the kids getting out of their cars and socializing with others. She had thankfully made it out of the mall and back home yesterday without any interference from anyone else; especially Adrian. After walking out of Abercrombie and Fitch, Angie had quickly walked out of the mall and rode the bus home. She hadn't felt like socializing with anyone.

The window of her recently purchased 89' Camaro was rolled down and allowed the outside heat to creep into her car. She marveled at how hot it was in Florida, especially seeing as how it was October. Back home, she would be in at least a light sweater, but here...she could wear shorts and a fitted tee without any worries of becoming cold.

"That's not what I heard. He got Kyle to video tape the whole break up...didn't you see it online? He's dating Sherry now. He asked her out an hour after breaking it off with Rachel."

Angie glanced up to see two girls walking by her car, not noticing her, and gossiping about a break up. Looking up into her rear-view mirror, Angie made sure her almost non-existent make up wasn't smudging. She didn't have much on; just some eyeliner and mascara to accentuate her light brown eyes. People in New York used to tell her that she was naturally beautiful and didn't need any make up. Her personality was what had made her a star at her old school, and almost everyone had loved her. But that was back home in New York. She wasn't sure what the people in Florida would think of her.

"Time to knock em dead," she muttered to herself while taking one last glance in her mirror. Her car stopped purring as she pulled out her keys and stepped out of the car.

"You seem to enjoy talking to mirrors."

The drawling voice caught her attention, and she looked up to see Adrian - soccer boy from Abercrombie.

"You seem to enjoy stalking me."

"I'm pretty sure you're a new student here...which means you came to my school. That, babe, means you're the one doing the stalking."

"You wish." Adrian gave him a once over while saying this, making sure to show her disinterest, and then started to walk away.

"Hey! What're you doing?"

Hearing hurried footsteps behind her, she started to walk quicker.

"Walking away."

She felt his presence next to her after saying this, and pointedly ignored him.

"Your may have a nice rack, but that doesn't mean you can ignore me."

She stopped walking and turned towards him.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me."

She couldn't believe it. Five minutes into Charleton High and it was already starting off badly. She may be friendly, but she wasn't going to take comments like that from cocky soccer boys.

"As far as I'm concerned, this is America…and I can do whatever the hell I want. And that includes ignoring you."

She started to walk away, but Adrian's hand caught her wrist.

"Babe, you must not have heard. This is Charleton High. Take a look around you; no one ignores me."

Angie took a moment to take in her surroundings They had somehow managed to walk to the front of the school without her knowing. She could see some girls staring at her and sizing her up, as if she was competition. Others were glaring at her, staring at Adrian's hand that was still holding at her wrist. Most of the guys were just watching them with a look of small interest.

Well, she thought. If Adrian was going to act cocky, she could too. Two can play that game.

She turned her head back to Adrian and took a step closer to him, taking in his height. He must've been at least 6'3", and he was towering over her 5'6" frame. He was wearing a dark blue Lacoste polo that made his eyes pop out and some khaki shorts. Looking down, she realized his shoes were the kind that she often found rich, middle-aged men wearing. Leather slip-ons. She had to admit, not only did he make leather slip-ons look good, but he smelled damn good too. Bringing her hand up, she let her finger slowly drag down his chest.

"Baby, you obviously don't know me. I do what I want, when I want...and no one interferes. And right now, I'm going to ignore you."

At that, Angie turned around and walked towards the front doors of the school. Those who weren't looking at her before were now blatantly gawking at her. She could feel eyes trained on her back as she opened the front doors. Apparently, they weren't used to seeing anyone talk back to Adrian.

Angie walked down the deserted hallway. She had just waited half an hour in the guidance office to get her schedule. That meant she was twenty minutes late to first period. She inwardly groaned. Not only was she starting school two months after everyone else, but she would also be late to her first class - Calculus II. She didn't need any more attention drawn to her. This was a new start. A new beginning. A new her. She couldn't be the girl everyone at school knew anymore. It wasn't possible.

As soon as Angie walked into room 314, occupied by Mrs. Shanks, Angie knew her senior year was going to crumble. The room had a fabricated silence that ran through it, as if everyone had just stopped their conversations just to stare at her.

She heard a low whistle come from her right.

"Now those are some grade A sweet potatoes."

She recognized the quote from the TV show "The King of Queens", and rolled her eyes. Couldn't they think of something more original?

She looked around for the speaker and found him sitting in a chair a few feet away from her, his eyes filled with mirth. The guys all around him were howling with laughter, their shoulders shaking.

She opened her mouth to retort, but Ms. Shanks interrupted her.

"Brooks! Unless you want to spend your time with Principal Werk, I suggest you shut your mouth!"

The guy, Brooks apparently, kept his eyes trained on Angie while he mumbled an apology to Ms. Shanks. It sounded anything but sincere, and Angie could tell he was going to be trouble. He had short, sand brown hair and eyes that appeared almost grey. Judging by his broad shoulders and muscled biceps, Angie guessed he was a football player.

"You must be Angelina White! Welcome to our class; you can sit right over there in the third row second seat from the left."

Angie didn't even bother giving Ms. Shanks her nickname. She was just glad she didn't have to give a description about herself. She sat down in her seat and looked to her left. Her eyes met another pair of brown eyes that were slightly bloodshot. They were connected to a guy with brown hair that was currently smiling at her.

"Hey man, I'm Blake Diggs. Don't worry about what Brooks said, that's just his way. He thinks he owns this school, you know what I'm saying? Him, Shields, and Ice can all go fuck themselves for all I care."

Angie allowed herself to smile back at him. She didn't know who Shields and Ice were, but guessing from what Blake said...they were friends of Brooks.

"Thanks, I'm Angie."

"Dude, you wouldn't have any macaroons would you? I'm fucking starving."

Angie laughed at him. He was obviously high, and suffering from fake hunger.

"Nope, sorry."

"Fuck. That's alright man."

She turned around in her seat as Blake put his head on his desk, clutching his stomach with his hands. Having no one to talk to, Angie turned her attention towards the front of the class, where Ms. Shanks was teaching. It wasn't too long before she zoned out.

Second and third period had, much to Angie's pleasure, passed by with a blur. Brooks wasn't in either of those classes, and after asking Blake, who ended up being in all three of her first classes, she found out that neither were Shields and Ice.

By the time the bell rang at eleven o'clock for lunch, Angie was starving. Blake had decided it was his duty to show her the way to the lunch area.

"These halls are fucking crazy. I get lost in them everyday. I can't let you get lost," was Blakes reasoning. After going down the same hallway three times in a row, Angie realized what he said was genuine. They ended up following a kid that had the same lunch as them out the doors onto the lunch patio.

"Hey man, you're sitting with me, alright? My friend Carly has some fucking macaroons...and I told her to save you one. They're homemade man...they're amazing"

Angie laughed as she followed Blake towards his sitting spot. He was still rambling about Carly's macaroons when they reached his table, which was underneath a huge tree.


Blake had hurled himself at a girl with short, cropped, pink hair.

"Carly! This is Angie. The girl I told you to save a macaroon for. "

Carly looked up at her.

"Hey! I'm obviously Carly. Will, Beth, and Shane will be here soon." Carly's hand waved around the air as she said this, as if showing that they were somewhere else.

Angie smiled and sat down at the end of the table's bench next to Blake. Her stomach seemed to be in the process of eating itself due to hunger, so she pulled out her turkey sandwhich.

Moaning, she took a huge bite out of it.

"Nothing has ever tasted so delicious before."

"You obviously haven't tried me out."

Angie knew the voice before she could even look down at the leather slip-ons that had appeared next to the table.


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