Chapter 1: Beginning

Zaynon paced her room, her long blue hair flying behind her, face wrinkled in concentration. She was now 18 years old but her mother refused to let her leave the house. Her younger brother could do whatever he wished but, she was not allowed to do anything except cook and clean. No need to wonder who the favourite child was. The only thing that kept her from leaving was the stary-nights. The soft colours that streaked the sky at twiglight signaled not only the end of another miserable day of work but the approach of Xi.

Xi is an elf around Zaynon's age yet his accomplishments are numerous. He fought side by side with Rah, the ruler of the elves, in the final confrontation with the humans a meer six years ago, and had trained with the best. He had also solved many disputes between both the poorest men and the richest dukes and for some reason he had offered to train her. Zaynon did not know why Xi had decided to train her, however, the day that she met him was burned into her memory.

One year ago, Zaynon had tried to run away from home, no longer having the patience nor the temper to deal with her oppressive parents and spoiled brother. She had bundled up some clothes and food and had left in a fury.

Zaynon survived quite well, and travelled west to the closest road. In two days she had reached the road; a day she would never forget. She stood her blue hair swirling around her, a glint of triumph clear in her eyes as she gazed down the dirt road and towards the approaching horse-riders.

Zaynon heard the men laugh and taunt each other nearly falling off their horses due to their obvious intoxication. When they reached Zaynon, their druken smiles grew broader still. They stumbled off their horses and began toying with hair, petting her face. Flirting with her. Zaynon was frozen with shock. Nobody had ever paid her any attention; truthfully her family was so secluded that she rarely saw anyone other than her brother's teachers. Then their hands grew more rough and their grins broader still as they pinned her to the ground and began unbuttoning her dress. Zaynon knew something was wrong now so she started to scream and bite and kick and punch the men. But, they continued joking about her helplessness and then they all froze in their place. Zaynon gasped, they seemed suspended in time. Their bodies rigid and their faces blank but she could hear them breathing. Magic? she had wondered. Then realizing that whoever had done that could kill her easily, she had clutched her dress together and sprinted back towards her house but, she didn't get far. A man, later identified as Xi, blocked her path. His face was hidden by the hood of his billowing cloak.

Zaynon screamed and tried to run pass him, convinced that he was going to kill her but, he didn't. He grabbed her arm and twisted so that it hurt whenever she moved and without looking at her asked if she would train with him. Zaynon refused and he had then sighed and let her go, his abrupt departure snagged her interest. She asked why and he had repiled, "Destiny" before continuing away. Zaynon had impulsively changed her mind and called to his retreating figure that she would become his student. He had accompanied her back to her family and her cottage. Almost every night since then Xi had come and helped Zaynon out of her window and led her to his make-shift training field. There she was taught the war arts, archery, sword-fighting, hand-to-hand combat, the works. Zaynon enjoyed this part of her life as she excelled in all the fields.

However over the past few days Xi was dropping heavy hints that he would be leaving soon. So, it came as no surprise when last night, after their usual training, Xi announced that he was leaving and that she could acompany him is she wished. He had not mentioned why, and when she had asked he simply said, "Destiny." Xi planned to leave tonight and said he would be waiting for her however, if by midnight she wasn't there he would leave; without her.

So now she paced her room, chores finished and night falling swiftly, weighing the odds. Half of her was ready to go, urging her to leave her prison. But the other half reminded her of the dangers of travelling. She had packed her bags, in case she decided to leave, and now she just needed to decide.

Night had fallen long ago and the moon had nearly risen to its peak; it was almost midnight. A lone figure sat astride a grey horse, dark eyes sorrowful and brown hair a mess. She isn't coming the wind whispered She doesn't like you, she doesn't care. The wind was mocking him, its words filling him with dread. He had promised himself that he wouldn't care for another, never again attach himself to someone else. He had tried to force himself to severe all ties with other beings and had suceeded. Yet, he had gone and bound himself up again, he almost wished - almost - that he wasn't special. He was all alone, and nobody could understand him, everyone feared his power. He had to face it, he was doomed to be alone.

"Xi! Wait!" Zaynon was galloping towards him on her silver horse. She had come, he almost wished that she didn't, that he could blame her for his pain, so that he could force himself to forget her. Almost.

"Good you're here," Xi said, forcing all joy from his face and asuming his usual stoic mask, "Time to go." He reared his horse and started off, Zaynon followed.

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