Chapter 5: Redemption

"You have failed Xi. All is lost, she was our best chance to defeat the shadows, and now she is one. We have no choice, we must kill her."

"I know, I am sorry."

"You had better be, now take this sword and kill her. I have already warned the elves and they are preparing for battle. They will only stand a chance if you kill Zaynon, it is also your only chance of redemption."

"I understand."

After the Xi's murder, Zaynon and the other shadows fled the clearing, and disappeared into cracks at the foot of a volcano. There Zaynon swore fealty to the shadows and was completly converted into a shadow phantom. In her shadow form she appeared to have long fangs and ever-stretching black arms with shadow spikes. She had no face, only piercing red slits for eyes. In her human form she looked exactly the same as she had before, blue hair and grey eyes. The only difference was what looked like vampire bite marks around her wrists, marks easily hidden by long sleeves or gloves.

"Come Zaynon we have a very important task for you," stated Viowd.

"Coming Viowd," called Zaynon, and together they swept through the paths created by the magma during the volcano's last eruption.

They entered a room that would give even a blind man the creeps. Consequently to anyone with sight the room was absolutely terrifying. It was blood red from the glow of the magma and Shadows sat menacingly in every corner. Worst of all, at the very front sat a great black Shadow with shadow weapons clutched by his many hands gazing around the room through 6 great red slits of eyes. To us it would be horrible but to Zaynon and the shadows it was beautiful.

"Come Zaynon," called the great shadow.

Zaynon approached happily, "What do you need great one?"

"It seems that Xi has been revived by the light, so the only way to get rid of him is to make him one of us. Do you think that you could convince him to join us?"

"Of course. I can be very persuasive," sneered Zaynon.

"You cannot attack him by force! You must be more...devious and convince him that you were able to escape from us and that you are still good. Do you think you can manage that?"

"Do you doubt me?"

"Then off you go, and remember one slip up and your mission is doomed. Also if you accomplish your task I will give you the honor of beginning the destruction of the elves."

Zaynon bowed and left the volcano switching into her shadow form. She quickly located Xi so she turned into her human form and cut and bruised herself, making it seem like she had just escaped.

"Zaynon," growled Xi, raising his sword.

"What are you doing?" whimpered Zaynon, thouroughly enjoying this part.

"You know very well what is going on," replied Xi coldly, advancing towards Zaynon.

"No! Don't hurt me, I thought you were my friend! I escaped those shadows with the hope that you would help me! But, I suppose that now that you hate me you might as well kill me. You know that I won't be able to survive in the forest without your help. Kill me fast, stab me right in the heart. I'd rather die like that than slowly and painfully through infected wounds," Zaynon lay on her back, pointing to her heart, looking pleadingly at Xi. "Kill me."

"Very well shadow Zaynon, do not think that this - this act can fool me! I know what those marks on your wrists signify! I know what you are trying to do and I know what I have to do. I have failed once, I will not fail again," spat Xi, he was now standing above Zaynon sword prepared to strike. "Goodbye Zaynon."

Zaynon's mind was racing, should she turn into a shadow and save herself? Should she continue to play helpless human? Then, she had an ingenious idea, it was perfect.

"Goodbye, my love," she whispered.

Xi stopped dead in his strike, my love did she say my love? His heart beat fast he knew that he should kill her but, how could he now? Something had to tip the scales, something. That something came fast.

Lost in the moment Zaynon lost control of her human form, and for a second her being flickered into a shadow. It was enough. Xi plunged his sword into her heart, with disdain written all over his face. He pulled his sword out of Zaynon's body and watched as she dissolved before his eyes.

Shadows cannot die, for they are no longer mortal. However, much like a shade, when stabbed in the heart they are thrown into oblivion. Unable to escape.

Xi was thrown into deep depression for he had killed his love. He reasoned that if he had not she would have killed him yet even the truth could not release him from pain. He lived 50 more years everyday waking up and hoping that today death would come to relieve his pain. On the day it came, Xi's spirit left his body behind and happily went to land of the dead.

Upon reaching the mystical place where spirits walk without bodies, Xi was dismayed to find that his loss of Zaynon still hurt as much as when he was alive. Thus was the price that Xi was doomed to pay. The price of loving a shadow.

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