Epilogue: Downfall of the Shadows

The murder of Zaynon weighed heavily Viowd's mind as he led his battalion of darkness to the real Miweige, the elf captial. Before Zaynon's arrival Viowd had been content to torment elves and humans alike. But Zaynon had brought forth emotions that Viowd had long forgotten, not quite love but affection. Zaynon was like a sister to Viowd. As he marched to battle for the final time memories of Zaynon weighed heavily on his mind. He remembered how he had summoned the darkness that lies in everybody and caused it to envelop Zaynon, not knowing then that he was not only gaining a weapon but a friend. He could picture in his mind's eye Zaynon dressed in a fine black dress reverently approaching their king for the first time. Viowd could picture the many hours spent with her, teaching her the Shadow lore, engraining hatred of the elves into her black heart; he could hear her laugh echoing in his mind. He was jolted out of his trance-like state by the sight of Miweige.

The elven city, although grewsome to the battalion of darkness, was beautiful to everyone else. The forest opened up to reveal a great city, its buildings glowing with beauty. Exotic flowers flourished under the magical care of the elves, animals bounded happily through the well-kept streets yet no elf was visible. In the middle rose the great turrets of a lavishly decorated castle, the gates stood proud, the walls stately and the pathways were surrounded by plants. The very air was thick with elven magic. The ground, and all of the flowers would soon be covered in blood. The thought made Viowd smile. A flicker of movement in the trees.

"Down to the city, quickly!" ordered Viowd and in a blur of black the Shadows were inside Milweige. The elves appeared moments later and thus began the bloody battle between the Shadows and the elves.

As the day wore on the city was filled with the clash of metal and the dull swoosh of shadow weapons, the ground was laden with the bodies of defeated elves and the air thick with the stench of death. The Shadows had only lost few of their troops meanwhile the elves ranks were breaking, Viowd smiled as he was sure that they could not be defeated. Even without Zaynon they were winning.

As the sun was setting casting red light over the already bloody scene, only 100 elves were left standing and their defeat seemed inevitable. However as Viowd surveyed their pitiful state half of his army collapsed clutching arrows protruding from their chests and faded into oblivion. Viowd looked at the top of the cliff and there stood the elven queen. A glint of approaching metal and then Viowd collapsed and awoke moments later in the oppresive darkness of nothingness. His last thought on earth being, "Zaynon would have been able to protect us."

At that moment all the elves capable of such magic destroyed invading armies and after years of searching suceeded in destroying the last of the Shadows. They could have acted faster but the queen refused to use such violent action and thus her people suffered greatly for her stupidity. Ashamed at the result of her decision she resigned. Centuries later the tale of the foolish queen was told to young elves as a bedtime story.

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