The Magic Leprechaun

Once there was a Magic Leprechaun. He was in first place in the "Being Cheerful" Contest!
His friend, the Pretty Pony, was behind the others because she was beginning to feel sad. She was feeling sad because she hadn't seen her other friend the Beautiful Fairy for a long time.
With ease, the Magic Leprechaun cast a magic spell that caused a puddle on the ground to become a looking glass. The Pretty Pony was beyond belief when the looking glass showed where the Beautiful Fairy was. She was trapped in the castle of the evil Witch Kirsten!
The Magic Leprechaun and the Joyful Elf began talking, and, after a while, told the Pretty Pony that they had a plan.
"In spite of the distance," said the Magic Leprechaun, "we have decided to travel to the evil Witch's castle and rescue the Beautiful Fairy (who is beautiful.
The Pretty Pony was overjoyed! She raced past the others in the direction of Kirsten's castle shouting, "Last one there is a rotten toadstool"
The Joyful Elf had no chance against the competition of his friends because he had short legs.
So he turned into a toadstool.
It was a test of endurance for the Pretty Pony and the Magic Leprechaun because the castle was far away. They finally made it! They walked around for a while, looking for a way in. Using a magical rope, they climbed up the wall and into the castle. "Alright, here is the plan. We go into the dungeon, rescue the Beautiful Fairy (who is beautiful, by the way), and go back outside," said the Magic Leprechaun.
But when they moved along, they saw a terrible sight! It was the Beautiful Fairy … and the evil Witch Kirsten ! (who is NOT so beautiful)
"Release her!" shouted the Pretty Pony.
"Never!" shouted the Witch and shot a bolt of lightning at her. "NO!" screamed the Beautiful Fairy (who was beautiful even though she was screaming). She ran across to her friend and began to cry, "You … you killed her"
The evil Witch smiled wickedly, "Now it's time for your doom!"

To be continued …