The Magic Leprechaun 2

Smiling wickedly, Kirsten shot another bolt of lightning towards the Beautiful Fairy.

"NO!" cried the Magic Leprechaun and cast a protective spell over the Beautiful Fairy.

The Witch hissed and turned towards the Magic Leprechaun. He dodged to the side just in time as a bolt of lightning flew passed him. Lifting his hand, he cast a spell of his own.

Kirsten shrieked as her skin turned green and her hair burst into flowers. "You … you made me all … FLOWERY!"

Grabbing the Beautiful Fairy's hand he pulled her towards the door.

"Stop!" the Witch cried and to her surprise the Magic Leprechaun did. He had heard something in her voice that had made him stop. A pleading cry like she was sad that they were fleeing.

"Why did you kidnap the Beautiful Fairy in the first place?"

The Witch shuffled her feet and avoided looking him in the eye. Her flowery hair wilted, "People avoid me because I am a witch and I got lonely."

The Beautiful Fairy was as compassionate as she was beautiful (and she was very beautiful). "Oh, well if I had known you were just lonely I would have been your friend. You know, I came in first place in the 'Being Friendly' competition. But why did you kill the Pretty Pony?"

Kirsten grinned sheepishly, "She's not dead, just asleep!"

"Oh, O.K.!"

The Magic Leprechaun watched the good Witch Kirsten wake up the Pretty Pony and the three new friends went outside to turn the Joyful Elf back from a toadstool.

The End