-Chap. 1: Hope and Hate-

The first flowers of spring were popping up from the ground and the birds were chirping happily but, Mazin still managed to be depressed. He sucked the joy out of the flowers, spread darkeness over the birds and smothered the happiness of everyone around him. It was not his fault that he was born as one of them and he was determined to let it ruin his life. People used to approach him with smiles and offers of friendship, only to be scowled at, questions responded with short harsh answers. Eventually everyone gave up and ignored him, refered to him as 'that emo kid' and that was how Mazin liked it.

Mazin prowled the halls of his school, scowling at anyone who looked his way, shoving through the crowd of people rushing to their next class. Most people would describe him as bitter or mean and he could not care less. He showed up to all of his classes, did his work and was passing every class with a 90 or higher so, the teachers had nothing to say to him. They, however, watched him closely waiting for him to make a mistake so they could blow it up out of proportion and get him expelled. Mazin managed to keep out of trouble, no gang fights, no drugs, no alcohol. He was a good kid - except for his attitude. His parents knew nothing about his powers and they thought that he was 'going through a phase' which, to them, explained their's son's attitude. What powers you might ask. Mazin was what many of us wish we were. He had powers that many of us long for. He was an elemental mage and a very grumpy one at that.

As an elemental mage he had power over fire, earth, air, and water although his frustration led him to gain incredible control over fire and earth (the most destructive two). He could draw dust from the air and create a knife to hurt anyone he wished, and fire (destructive in nature) was delighted when controled by him. When he discovered his powers he was overjoyed but it soon became a burden. Water would turn to ice as he tried to drink it, the earth would create holes in the ground wherever he tried to step, fire flared up and air whiped him. Mazin began to scowl in concentration and soon the scowl turned into anger and frustration. He could control the elements now but, he had to constantly concentrate on them. He used to think that someone would come and take him away to a school with people like him but, no one came and Mazin's anger only grew with age.

By now, with 18 years of anger built into him Mazin knew not how to smile and forgot what happiness was. He drifted through his university courses barely noticing anyone, still getting 90s but having no fun. He would never admit to it but, in a secluded corner of his heart, hope sat shining brightly. Hope that age would lessen his powers, hope that he would completly lose them but, most of all a hope that somebody would come with powers like his own and give him a place to belong. He refused to admit, even to himself, that he still had hope. Thankfully, the day had come for one of his hopes to come true.

A/N-Chapter 1, I lke the beggining of the story! Surprising considering my stories are normally terrible.