-Chap. 25: Secrets-

"No, no," laughed Lix, "I do not have the honor of being an elf."

"Then what? You're just a very fair human with silvery hair and pointed ears? Do you really expect me to believe that?"

"No, of course not."

"Then what are you?"

"A human."

"I thought that we had established the fact that I would not believe that you're a human."

Lix laughed again, "Of course we did, you see this isn't my true form."

A slight wind picked up and swirled around Lix and soon she was meerly a blur in the centre of a small tornado. Then a brief flash of light and she was visible again although not one part of this new form was the same as her appearence before.

"Lix?" inquired Mazin.

"Yes, this is my true form," she pushed back some black hair to reveal a perfectly human ear. "See, no elf ears."

Mazin studied Lix's new appearance. She was quite a bit shorter with stark black hair, dull grey eyes and a honey complexion.

"How can I be sure that this is your true appearence and how did you change it in the first place?" asked Mazin, all his previous rage subdued. Never gone.

"You'll just have to trust that this is my true appearence and since you can't seem to figure it out, although it is quite obvious, I am a shape-shifter," explained Lix. "Now if you don't mind I'll change back to my previous form."

Mazin watched carefully to make sure that there was no trick, no second person hiding anywhere, no fleeing figure. There was nothing except a small tornado and a flash of light before Lix returned to how Mazin knew her; silvery haired and green eyed.

"If you're not an elf then why do you choose to resemble one?"

"I'm not really sure, I just like being tall and I think that I look nice like this don't you?"

"Um..yes...erm...I suppose so," replied Mazin, slightly embarassed.

Lix smiled, "No need to be embarassed."

"I'm not," said Mazin indignantly. He searched for something else to say, "Er...are elves real?"

"Quite real."

"How do you know? Have you ever met one?"

"I did, I happened to be in the right place at the right time. I was quite lucky because our worlds do not clash normally."

"You were in another world," gasped Mazin, in awe.

"No. You see on Earth, as we humans call this planet, many different...realities exist. One is the science oriented 'world', the one that you came from. Another is the magic oriented world which consists of witches and wizards, people like that. There is this world which is battle oriented and finally there is the mystical creature oriented world, which is where all the 'fairy tale' creatures exist, for example elves. I suspect that there are a few other realities out there but, those are the major ones."

"That was a nice fairy tale. Now, what really happened?" asked Mazin.

"I'm not lying," stated Lix, green eyes serious.

"Then if what you're saying is true..." his voice faded off. "You've given me a lot to think about, I think I'll go back to my room. By the way, what time and where should we meet our trainer?"

"Over there in the fields, at 8am," replied Lix. "Goodnight."

That night, Mazin's mind whirled as he pondered the complications of different realities. He wondered if he should notify the Zie.

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