The History of Shredded Flesh

Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters

What should do since our lives transformed to shredded flesh?

Should we scream until we are dead or follow the path of bullets?

No, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters we should all hold down our heads

We should all cover our ears and stitch our mouths

No words of wisdom should poke through the lips it doesn't matter this time

Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters we are fruitless and hopeful unlike the rest

We should empty ourselves into a bomb and place it on a ledge overlooking the moon

We should shoot for the heavens or aim for God if he really does exist

God should detect a story or two and we wouldn't need a letter or a last prayer

Our tears wouldn't do much to break ice for ice is too strong for our dainty lifeless tears

Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters I can feel myself slowly decomposing

My neighbors are dead, so are the dogs, the tree and flowers are mourners

The house will be temporary tombs for collected disgruntle

Listen out for the night perhaps I won't see her tomorrow

Listen out for the day perhaps he'll leave before I awake

I feel like an orphan as I slowly decompose since my life transformed to shredded flesh

I can't seem to look outside without seeing the reminiscence of death

Death will come knocking door-to-door collecting bodies

Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, Death will grab them by the hand, legs, or hairs

They'll come out kicking and screaming for their lives

During the night and day I'll hear their bodies being rippled across the ground:

Crushed bones, popping flesh, and stretched guts

I'm patiently waiting for my turn to be rippled across the ground by Death

When Death is gone there's a pool of deep dark blood and the reminiscence of shredded flesh

When all the dead are gone I can still hear their screams in my skull

Their faces will haunt the eyeballs, numb the brain, kicking and screaming our lives are pointless

I don't want to go anywhere since death lives proudly and unafraid

I smell it in the air, taste it on the tongue and feel it on the skin

I see the trail freshly on the ground leading to nowhere

I can see a little boy with maggots pouring out from his head

I can see a little girl without arms, a woman without a womb, and a man without a spine

The ground rippled his spine, her womb, her arms, and his head

Over there I can see weeks old crushed corpses of a family still in their car in attempt to escape

Huge metals drenched with camouflage crushed them

Over there I can see sands of weeks old corpses of us for our bodies were collected like dump

Huge metals drenched with camouflage heaped us up; sadly I don't know myself anymore

Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters I think we lost our way

For maggots replaced my heart, stole my nipples and speech

For maggots replaced my arms, womb, spine and head

For I have given birth to maggots and pieces of loose flesh

There's no direction because we held down our heads secretly hoping this will go away

But he's here to stay and we are taken one by one and our bodies are rippled across the ground

We are collected like dump and we are dump

Our pool of blood, bones and reminiscence of shredded flesh are left behind.