And the Skeleton Story Goes On

I left myself in your bed last night

She's resting under you as you sleep

I want to gather her up and put her some place safe but your body is heavy and still

Awake to the sun coming up like dead petals in water

They'll scatter as the birds flap their wings and scatter as they sing

But you're fast asleep and as for me I'm half dead and kindly living at the edge of death

I'll stare death in the face but deep down I know that it's not my time to go

So many things are left unsaid and undone; it's not my time to go

I can feel my heartbeats and the flicker of emotions dying

How can I save them when I can't seem to save myself first?

But the sun is here she's so close to give a warm embrace

But the sun can't give a warm embrace; you're sleeping, fast asleep, awake to see her touch this bed

Awake to see her crawl into this room, the floors, walls, and onto our pictures that depicted once happy moments now we are covered

with a batch of skeletons

I can't tell you but the sun is here and dances like dead petals dance

The birds flap their wings and sing a song I never heard before

This song is far too common you memorize every word and note as for me I can't seem to find my way

I'm afraid to be on my own and I know that I'll lose my way yet again

I'm sorry that I need the constant reassurance

I suppose that happens when one isn't fully matured

I'll roam about unsure of where to turn and I'll starve and like dry dead petals in water

Come and see me in the water, awake to see the sun she' s in the room, and you're sleeping on my soul.