Murder by the Tracks

Scared, confused
(oh shit, what did we just do?)
Hide it, lie it
Getting caught
(shit now what?
I'll blame it on you)
Juvenile detention center.
Off you go
(take that lollipop out of your mouth
you are causing too much publicity)
and don't cry, try not to cry
(ten years old
but that baby didn't have
to die)
Didn't your parents ever teach you
right from wrong
(or was it they never bothered to
pay attention at all)
and in one
freaking instant
life is over
(for you, for your best friend, for the baby)
what to do?
lie to yourself
hide to yourself
cry to yourself
(leaving blood-on-shoes
you're ten years old
and its oh-so-obvious
you are a murderer)
released finally
(nine years later)
(you don't fucking
E it
but who are they to judge
you (you were ten years old))
and I cry for you because I know that
if I would've lost every shred of
at the age of ten
then I would feel (((empty)))
(but being robbed of
at the age of two
is so much worse)
and I cant believe innocence can be lost
at so young of an age
and LIFE can be taken so soon
I feel empty because my conscience is telling me
you were all still
but I know the difference:
two of you were
and one of you was a
(and I can still see his
torn-in-two body
and I cry because I think that
I'm foolish for pitying you)

a/n: James "Jamie" Bulger was murdered February 12th, 1993 by Jon Venables and Robert Thompson. Jamie was only two, Jon and Robert were ten. When I read about this, I cried. How any child can be murdered by other children, ten years old, amazes me. If you knew who this poem was about before I told you, congratulations. If not, I recommend doing some research on this. It's an interesting yet heartbreaking story, and it never fails to mesmerize me.