My Prison

Sometimes I want to give up,

Because I'm not sure what to fight for,

I want to just give in to it,

Because I can't take a lot more,

Trembling with anger,

Tears weighed down with sorrow,

Clinched fists bound in chains,

Wishing for less rain for tomorrow.

So I tilt my head up,

Searching for my Lord's face,

I feel drenched and forgotten,

Like He's left me in this rain without a trace,

I can only look at my prison,

All my walls built to hold me inside,

It isn't fun anymore,

But I won't break them due to my pride.

Truth sinks in as I cry:

"Lord, I don't like feeling alone,

I'm sorry, please forgive me,

I'm not ready to face everything on my own…

Please, release me from my prison,

I'll take down the walls around my heart,

Lord, I accept You tonight,

I never want us to ever be apart,

I want to make You my life,

I'll make You the center of my universe,

I don't want to live for myself anymore,

Help me depart from my very own curse."

Tears pour steadily from my eyes,

The rain falling slowly begins to cease,

The prison inside of me disappears,

No longer a slave to myself, a sweet release,

My walls, once built strong,

Every one of them begin to tumble down,

Happiness flooding my insides,

For my heart and hands are no longer bound,

I no longer live for me, but for Him,

I don't have any regrets of this decision,

For He has calmed my rain from falling,

And He's released me from my prison.