Always Loving You

"I'm Always Going to Love You, forever"

I came to my bedroom,

Slamming the door shut.

I turned the music on loud

And I lay on my bed.

I think about you.

Your laugh,

Your smile,

Your loving, green eyes.

Was it all a lie?

Was it all just a plan?

Did you not care about me?

Did you not give a damn?

Was that smile a lie?

Were those green eyes false?

Was our love just a game?

Why did you do it?

What did I do wrong?

Was I mistaken to trust you?

Was I misguided to love you?

All I did was bring you happiness

All I ever wanted was to see that smiling face.

Was I mistaken,

to love such a fool?

All you ever brought was sorrow.

All you ever gave me were tears.

You never did love me.

Why was I such a fool?

I get up of my bed,

And look in my drawers.

I find the bottle,

That will finally end this miserable life.

I remember your face for the last time.

You never took me seriously.

When I said I'd always stay yours forever,

I meant it with all my heart.

It drink to your name,

the vial of poison.

And I say it again,

I love you till the end.

My eyes begin to tear up,

as my heart begins to pound.

My hand begins to tremble,

And I lay there without a sound.