The Sick Hearts

"Truth is hate to those who hate the truth… this is the klan and this is the truth"

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Chapter One: Texan Drawl

"It's going to be okay Lo," Keisha her cousin told her as they stopped infront of the small high school. Lovelle Black nodded slowly swallowing hard looking at the building in front of her.

"You'll make friends." Keisha reassured her, nodding. Trying to coax her younger cousin out of the car.

"Thanks," Lo mumbled stepping out into the brilliant sunlight, she felt queasy but then again she always felt queasy when starting new experiences. She waved goodbye to her cousin who promised to pick her up at 3:30 after school. She saw a group of white boys hanging out in the front with a couple of girls smoking cigarettes. They gave the new girl the once over as she quickly hurried into the old building avoiding their dazed looks. She followed the arrows towards the office and soon found her self in a small cramped office with a grey haired secretary who seemed more interested with positioning herself in front of the single fan then helping the students who appeared before her.

She sat in the office for over an hour waiting for her term, behind a guy she couldn't keep her eyes off. He looked like Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles. He had dark brown almost black, short hair, white but somewhat tanned skin, most likely from working in the sun, since he looked somewhat like a farmer with his trucker hat propped on his head. And the bluest eyes she had ever seen, not a fleck of grey, just pure deep blue pools that she could almost get lost in. he looked at her oddly and turned away.

"Ah Mr. Larson, how nice of you to stop by again."

"Glad to be here ma'am." He drawled casually.

"Take a seat over there." She told him motioning to the empty seat beside Lo, but he didn't instead he went two seats down the furthest away from her, and eyed her oddly. She smiled but was returned only a cold glare that seemed to ask what's your problem? She didn't quite understand why he had moved so far away, but discounted it as nothing as she got up to the secretary.

"Hello," she spoke and the old woman looked up from the computer screen.

"Yes dear?" she asked looking over Lo's clothing seeming somewhat disgusted by her skinny jeans and tie dye t-shirt.

"HI, I'm new." Lo began only to be cut off by the old woman.

"Name?" she asked rudely

"Lovelle Black." Lo told the woman, at that the boy in the far-away chair laughed and she turned to him. He glared at her.

"Okay here is your time table, and a set of school rules, follow them to the T and you should be okay." The woman told her looking back down to her computer, clearly not interested in Lo who had no idea how to get around.

"English 109 A." she mumbled to her self making her way down one hallway and then another not knowing which was right, and eventually after ten minutes she made it there, to class.

She entered the class, and a somewhat young male stood at the front.

"Hello." She spoke entering into the practically full class with two empty seats. The teacher looked towards her, with a knowing smile.

"You must be the new kid, Lovell Black?" he asked nicely, she nodded looking at the class curiously there were a group of farm looking kids and some other's who seemed to be nerds, and one black guy who looked as if he had long over grown his desk, his legs jutted out from beneath it, whom she stereo typically assumed was a basket ball player. Besides him was one girl, slim and blonde her hair tied up with a head scarf, she seemed to be smiling at Lo.

"Class this is Miss Lovelle Black." Half the class sniggered but neither the upper class slim blonde nor the basket ball player did anything. "I assume you will make her feel welcome," no one said anything "You may take a seat in the back" the teacher told her and she took the seat on the other side of the basketball player.

"Hi I'm Daisy." The blonde girl told Lo reaching across the basketball player's desk. "And this is Hans." She told Lo introducing the baler who smiled, she shook both of their hands.

"Most people call me Lo," she told Daisy and Hans.

"Or they could call you Love or Elle." Daisy piped up, Lo shrugged no one had ever suggested that before.

"I guess…" Daisy nodded seeming proud of her self.

"Well most people call her Ducky, and by most people I mean me." Hans told Lo, she laughed as Daisy hit Hans playfully.

"Listen class is almost over, want to have lunch with us afterwards?" she asked Lo nodded, maybe this year wouldn't be too bad after all, these two seemed to be pretty cool.

"Sure but should I meet you somewhere? Like how will I find you guys in the caf?" Lo asked thinking logically about her high school back in California, it was hard to find people once in the caf because it was so packed. So to avoid walking into the caf all alone, they would meet up outside of the caf and all go into the caf together.

Daisy shook her head.

"Oh no don't worry you'll be able to find us." Hans told her, and with that the bell wrung and she headed off to French class.

In French class she saw a familiar face, the kid from the office. Mr. Larson, immediately she went to sit beside him, still reeling from her last encounter with the new kids and hoping that she could start a friendship with this rather cute guy. The hottest she had seen since she go there.

"Hey." She spoke, he slowly turned to her with dead eyes and looked away ignoring her initiation of a conversation.

"So you were in the office," she began, he turned to her again looking as if he was chewing on something.

"Look, I don't wanna talk to you." He drawled lazily, picking up his things and moving to another desk. Lo felt completely shocked, had she said something? She wondered as the rest of the class began to file in. she hated being rejected, more so than the next person. The teacher began to call out names. But Lo was in a daze, she couldn't understand what had just happened, and she sat in her seat, alone, all four seats around her empty, starring out the window, at the cows who wandered just a bit beyond the gravel parking lot.

When the bell wrung again Lo was surprised, she hadn't expected it at all, she had been thinking the whole time he mind reeling about the events that had occurred in a matter of a few short months. And still dazed she followed the crowds like a zombie to the caf. Daisy had been right, she immediately found them.

It was one of three tables in the whole caf that were filled with black kids, Daisy being one of the six white kids who also occupied those tables, she waved Lo over standing up on her seat excitedly. But the sight was too odd for Lo to accurately measure what Daisy was doing. She watched the rest of the kids mill around, most white as they sat at the other tables talking to each other and completely ignoring the 3 mixed tables. Which more accurately contained all of the minorities of the school. Lo's feet carried her to Daisy but she still couldn't think.

"See I told you you'd be able to find us." Daisy stated, and Lo knew it was the truth. The rest of the table made room for her and she sat down between them. They all instantly looked at her curiously. "Guys this is our new friend, Lo." She told them they all nodded.

"I'm Margarite, this is Jaoquin, Sasha, Karis, Lafae, Rapheal, Marie, and Hans." The girl with black hair who was rebraiding parts of another's hair. Lo nodded, and turned to Daisy.

"The weirdest thing happened in French." She told Daisy seeming oddly comfortable around her new friend Daisy instantly turned to her with interest.

"Really? Do tell." Daisy urged and Lo began.

"So there was this guy, I dunno his first name but his last name is Larson." Instantly Daisy's eyes grew wide. "So I saw him before and I thought hey I know him I'll go sit beside him and try to talk to him right."

"Don't even try girl." Margarite spoke from across the table Lo looked at her questioningly.

"Why not?" Lo asked.

"I mean I know you think he's hot and all." Margarite stated, Lo blushed. Margarite shook her head.

"I do not." Lo told her.

"Of course you do, everyone does, he's gorgeous. But really when you get to know him he's the ugliest piece of shit." Margarite continued honestly, Daisy nodded.

"Yeah Dallas is a jackass, don't even think about him kay?" Daisy asked, Lo squinted oddly not really understanding,

"Kay? You promise?" Daisy continued looking oddly serious about the simple topic of a cute guy. Lo nodded.

"O-okay." Lo responded. Pulling out her lunch and eating in practical silence while she listened to the others.

It was after lunch that Lo and Daisy made their way towards art class.

"What's wrong with Dallas?" Lo asked, his name on her tongue felt odd saying a name that reminded her of the Texan city. Daisy looked at her sadly.

"He's really got a hold on you doesn't he?" Daisy asked, Lo shook her head.

"No I'm just curious." Lo lied knowing that her curiosity in this boy was not only because she was simply interested.

"Okay I'll tell you if you promise never to bring it up again." Lo nodded hoping that what Daisy was about to say would answer all of her questions. Daisy breathed heavily.

"Okay, Dallas is a member of the Klan." Daisy whispered and it took a while for Lo to process. But when she did it indeed answered all of her questions.

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