Summary: This will be the thoughts of various teenagers to young adults to the occassional adult. The thoughts of an ordinary student to the thoughts of a rockstar to the thoughts of a murderer/thief/prisoner. The confusion that they may be feeling will be written out. Asking questions that may not be able to be answered. Some may strangely be alike, but others will be totally out of this world. It will be your choice as to where the thoughts will be categorized and as to what type of person.

Now, let's begin:

Well…I don't ever know what to really think.

Thoughts just fly past me in such a way that…

I dunno.

I guess I'm kind of empty-minded.


Life is strange.

Would anyone tell me, what is there to live for?

Live for love?

Live for challenges?

Live for my dreams, my ambitions?

Live for myself?

I hope that I'd figure this out.

Since life is so dull.

To me, that is.

Since I haven't found anything to live for, quite yet.


Someone I've always known always told me to dare for a change.

'A change in what?' I'd always ask.

But then.

I'd never get an answer.

They'd just look at me as though it were the most obvious thing.


Guess what.

The thing is.

I never figured it out.


Does that mean that I'm stupid?

If so, someone please enlighten me on the thoughts of 'change.'

Because…because…yeah, just because...

I could think of a better reason...

If I really thought about it.