How she fell for him

They had been best friends since before time. They didn't have the slight recollection of how they met or how they ended up together its just that that 10 years later they were still together still boy and girl best friends. Yeah I know what you're thinking that they fell in love with each other. I'm not sure but I do know that they had a bond one that couldn't be broken, they couldn't stay away from each other for long, they would fight then make up like nothing had ever happened. They were like peanut butter and jelly they were inseparable. His dad always joked about how they would get married and her mom would always say how sweet of a young man he was. Sometime in the teenage years she fell for him she fell for him sweetly. Everybody could see it I don't know if they could but they made it so sweet and so caring that nobody really paid attention to the part that they were best friends but they paid attention to asking her when they were going to get together.

I like you. He said one day in the hallway hugging her tight as if he stopped the world would stop rotating.

She just hugged him back and felt safe and sound where she was with him, she smiled into his shirt as she looked down towards her feet

I really like you he said. She was a little bit surprised and in her own thinking was saying. What is he talking about does he LIKE me or does he like me as a person?

I love you, he said into her ear though no one could hear what he had just said to her, her heart beat faster and he looked at her and she met his eyes for a moment before looking down and saying I love you too, he smiled at this knowing. I'm not sure what he knew but he was smiling and his grip on her tightened and she just stayed there hugging him back for the 10 minutes they hugged.

They hung out everyday and hugged when meeting and hugged when saying goodbye,

He didn't particularly like the boy that she had come accustom to hanging out with and gave him glares whenever he came by. On one particular Sunday she hadn't felt like she was very happy and the new boy came to hug her but Cameron prevented her from hugging him, she just shrugged her shoulders and hugged whoever was hugging her and decided not to care whatever anyone was saying, she ended up hugging the new boy and walked abruptly away as he frowned and walked away.

They got in a spat about what he really cared about and ended up not talking for a week and when he did see her

Wait. Why aren't you talking to me he said

I don't know I don't have anything to talk about I have to go

No, wait

She ran away.

He came back to find her and talked to his friend about her on his phone

I don't know … she wont talk to me she keeps on running away from me

He finally caught up to her and another girl was with her she was around 8 years old and held a smile.

He held on to her waist and sat close to her and said into his phone."Ill call you back after this"

Hi he said

Hi she said back

How are you he said

I'm good

So you want to talk about it

No not really

Well I'm sorry for whatever I did

The little girl cut in

You know you too should go out.

The girl put her hands in a fashion to tell the little girl to stop talking

I mean common it looks like you too like each other a lot.

The girl looked down at this and smiled to her self

She didn't know it then but realized it later he was crazy about her and would protect her in any sort of ways. He looked at her as if she was the only girl in the world, and could spend hours together, even when they took pictures it was so obvious but so oblivious to them. In one picture she was looking at the camera and he was looking at her, at another picture he was looking down and she was looking at him, in another they were smiling at each other. They drank from the same cup liked the same things. When he hugged her he hugged her for a long time even after she had let go. He captivated her.

Hi he said

Hi she said turning around and smiling

He hugged her holding her tight as she looked at the little girl that looked captivated by their embrace.

Is that your girwfwired?

No she said to the girl

I'm his best friend

Well you sure don't act like it. She said

Earlier that day

Stop flirting with your girlfriend his dad told him

She's not my girlfriend

I'm not she said

Well you sure act like it , and I know that one day… his dad trailed off into his own thoughts as she smiled and looked at him.

They were best friends and would always be that way, there was no way that their feelings could ever come out because that wouldn't be too good of an idea. She held it in she held it in for so long, and waited until he came to realization of her feelings, and she didn't know what would happen when he found out but she knew for some strange reason it would be okay.