I always expected to be saved by some prince charming and be wisked away to some wonderful castle. The person that I fell in love with I didn't even know that I was in love with him until I k-opps i'm not supposed to go there yet. I mean we've known each other all our lives like you would expect us to fall in love with each other or in this case on each other. Hahahaha

I sat there looking at him.

Its not like I could just come right out and tell him of how I felt he looked at me with his black hair and green eyes so immensely that when I could no longer hold the gaze I would look down and play with my plain yet simple brown hair.

I remembered when we met kindergarten

Flash back

I was sitting there with my crayons trying to spell out my name while the other kids were having naptime.

Hi he said my name is Thomas.

I looked up from my drawing and gasped his face was covered in chocolate frosting and he just looked adorable

Hi I said my name is Anna.

From there we became inseparable we would go everywhere our mothers had always been friends but we had never met until kindergarten.

"Thomas." I started

He looked up at me as if something was wrong, as if I was the only girl in his eyes..

What am I dreaming I can never be the only girl in his eyes?

Later that night

We were sitting there in my room

"Ooo Anna wears sexy underpants."

I looked up to him with my underwear on his head.

"THOMAS BEADS GIVE THAT BACK TO ME" I lunged towards him and

Missed as usual as he bolted out of the room with me on his heels

"IF you don't get your skinny ass back here i'm gonna…

Your gonna what –cry to your mommy

"Hardy har har Thomas give it back

I had trapped him at the corner there was no other way to get out. I accidentally tripped over the rug that was converting the wood floors and I fell towards him, bringing him down and me onto of him.

Our lips were less than two inches apart; we shared this gaze for a few minutes


He just kissed me and all sparks went off you know those sparks like in princess diaries when Amelia kisses Michael its sorta cute isn't it. Yeah except for the part that i'm on top of Thomas and we're sitting in my hallway, which by the way is YELLOW!

Back to he was kissing and I was kissing back my body said yes lets do this my spirit said no! I pushed him back off of me and got up quickly and ran towards my room

"ANNA! ANNA" I continued to run until I reached my room and could no longer hear him calling after me.

I soon heard banging on my door

"Leave me alone.. I don't want to talk.." I said quietly and began to cry

"Anna stop crying please don't do this."

"WHAT am I supposed to do pretend like it never happened and just go on like that"?

"No you- I don't know Anna"

I heard his footsteps walking away further and further away until I heard the door slam

Next thing I heard was my big brother nick banging on my door

Anna open up


Why not


What happened?

At this I opened my door and let my brother in … I told nick everything that goes on and everything that went on.

He came into my room with my favorite ice cream "mint chocolate chip and two spoons

I smiled he always knew what made me feel better

" So.." he said sitting down

What happened? All I heard was screaming running around then you telling Thomas to go away then him running down the stairs and out the door.

I started from the beginning and until the end. Sobbing crying uncontrollably and eating ice cream

After I was done nick just looked at me

"See this is the part where you're supposed to give me advice" I said.

" Yeah I would but… I think you're going to figure it out sooner or later."

"Figure what out exactly"

"You'll see," he said walking out scratch that skipping out.

Next day

I tried to avoid him all day

I would see him and bolt


All our friends knew something was up but i'm sure they didn't know what was up

It was last period of the day and luckily I had it free, I tried to sneak out of school and get into my car

When I was pulled from behind into a nearby classroom


Please not be who I think it God I'll do anything ill keep my room clean ill eat all my vegetables I'll pray more just please" I opened one eye and Thomas was standing there, I looked down

Look at me Anna


Look at me and at that he cupped my face and lifted my face up

What do you want? I said

I want to know why you're so mad at me I mean it was just a kiss

NO THOMAS it was not just a kiss, you just played with my feelings you put me on a line of where I don't know what you mean I don't know what to think I don't know what to do I don't-

He kissed me again. That jerk kissed me again

My second kiss in the last24 hours

He pulled away quickly

Did you feel anything Anna? I'm asking you truthfully I mean –

He let go of my face

Which gave me the chance to run away, I sprinted out of the room and out in the hall


I sprinted faster; I knew he was catching up

He caught me by the wrist and we slammed into a near by wall

"Anna what are you so afraid of I just don't want to just be your best friend"

I'm not sure you know what you want

Neither do you. Maybe you're just too scared that someone might actually want to be with you. God enough of this. Anna do you know how long i've been in love with you?

No' I replied honestly looking at my feet

Look at me when i'm talking to you he whispered lifting my head

Do you know how long that i've wanted to call you mine and never ever let go of you?


I've been in love with you since 2nd grade when I realized that you really truly cared about more than life its self i'm all yours

I was looking at him and he was saying everything that Id always wants him to say

And I knew he meant it too. The look in his eyes was capturing.

Thomas do you know how long i've been in love with you.


I've been in love with you since I met you, I love how you smile when you see something you like, I love how when you get upset your eyes change colors, I love how when you hug me you hold me extra tight so I know that I'm always going to be safe, I love all of you, I love you.

At that he kissed me; we heard a loud applause behind us.

I turned around to half the high school looking at us and beaming at us smiling

I turned back too embarrassed to speak or to say anything.

Its okay Thomas said

Its just people .HEY Guys guess what.

WHAT nick shouted


At those words the applause was thundering

At that I leave you. You can probably figure out the rest of the story.