Arabella was seventeen. Everyone called her Belle, or Bella. Except for Chase. She watched him out of the corner of her eye. She turned her attention back to her locker and fussed around until she heard her name.

"Arabella?" It was Chase. She blushed, but hid it before she turned around to face him.

"Chase?" she said, smiling. His face mirrored hers, and she had to concentrate on not blushing again. They'd been friends since she first came to his elementary school, in the fifth grade. He came up to her and said, "You're pretty. Will you be my girlfriend?" She had said, "Okay." Five minutes later, she had said, "I'm breaking up with you." He had said, "Okay. What's your name?"

Chase always had a girlfriend. He was gorgeous, smart, and the sweetest guy at school. Arabella always had a boyfriend. She was talented, beautiful, and nice to everybody.

Arabella liked Chase. Chase liked Arabella. They were both taken.

"I was wondering if you wanted to bring Ben to the movies with Stephanie and I tonight."

"I broke up with Ben. I'm dating Michael."

"The football player?"

"That's the one. But, I'll try to get him to come. I'll call you."


That night, Arabella called Chase right after dinner and said, "Michael can't come. I'll still go if you want me to, though."

Chase sighed on the other line and said, "Stephanie can't come either. I guess we're up for some Ari and Chase bonding time."

She smiled so big, she was afraid he could hear it. "Oh, okay. Pick me up in ten minutes?"

He grinned uncontrollably, hoping she couldn't hear it, "Yeah, I'll be there."

Chase chose a scary movie. Arabella chose a romantic movie. Chase was stubborn. So was Arabella.

He wanted to see the scary movie so when she got scared, he could comfort her.

She wanted to see the romantic movie so that if she started to cry, he could comfort her.

He gave in; they watched a romantic movie.

She started to cry. He comforted her. The night ended with a kiss. They broke up with their other dates the next morning.